Best Collection of Top National Parks in Italy with Pictures

Best Collection of Top National Parks in Italy with Pictures

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I would like to share with a perfect collection of Italian national Parks from , I like it very much, hopefully you will like it too.. Here is Best Collection of Top National Parks in Italy with Pictures.


10 Best Top National Parks in Italy


Thinking of Italy, between beaches, monuments, art, culture, gastronomy and much less space is usually given to Italian national parks. We give them the respect they deserve with a top ten of sure charm.


10. Pollino National Park


Being the largest national park in the country, it is quite surprising that the Pollino National Park attracts so few visitors to its borders. With a wealth of breathtaking views to admire, the peaks and ridges, valleys and mountains are perfect for hiking. Outside in nature, silence extends interminably around you like the uncontaminated terrain that constantly changes before your eyes. The massifs of Pollino and Orsomarso dominate the park and the high plateaus and the peaks slowly fade into the valleys and meadows below. The park paints a beautiful picture while the green of the forests contrasts beautifully with the gray rocky cliffs and the yellow grasses on the mountainside. A picturesque and peaceful park to visit, the relatively unknown Pollino will enchant you with all its marvelous unspoiled landscapes on display.


Parco Nazionale del Pollino

9. Gran Sasso and Monti Della Laga National Park


The colossal Gran Sasso massif is the dominant feature of this immense park and as such is appreciated by mountaineers, hikers and skiers for its rocky nature and the pristine environment. Part of the massif, is the peak of the Corno Grande, which is the highest in the Apennines at over 2,990 meters and as such has a number of runways for skiers. Cut from the massif by a highway, the Monti della Laga are less impressive even if their harsh nature makes them rather difficult to penetrate and as a result the adventurous hikers will have mountains, hills and valleys almost all for themselves. In fact, despite its proximity to Rome, the park attracts relatively few visitors and this is partly what makes it so attractive: alone with the beautiful landscapes that precede you, you feel free. An incredible point of biodiversity where there are a myriad of natural wonders to see.


Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso

8. National Park of the Maddelena Archipelago


This beautiful park is charming and peaceful to visit and its crystal clear turquoise waters make it unique. Its extraordinary natural beauty includes pristine and deserted beaches that line the shores of the islands that make up the archipelago and jagged cliffs and mountainous areas that form a perfect backdrop to the spectacular scenery below. Located on the northern coast of Sardinia, the national park consists mainly of marine and coastal areas. With medieval monasteries, incredible rock formations and many other places of interest, it is perhaps the breathtaking beauty of the island of Caprera which is the jewel of the crown of La Maddalena.

Parco nazionale della Maddalena

7. Val Grande National Park


If the mountains are your passion, then go to the Val Grande National Park and let yourself be dazzled by all that the Alps have to offer. Mountain after mountain stretches in the distance and the endless range of peaks, ridges and snowy peaks is simply breathtaking. Located in the north of Italy on the Swiss border, Val Grande offers numerous possibilities for excursions for nature lovers. Going slowly up the steep mountain could be hard, but the panoramic views that will greet you at the top will surely repay the effort. High up in the skies, you can always see the sun shining on the mountains that give way to valleys and gorges, redeeming your sight a delight for the eyes. On a clear day you can see the sun sparkling off Lake Maggiore in the distance, shimmering inviting among the beautiful mountains.


Parco nazionale Val Grande

6. Aspromonte National Park


Located just south, in Calabria, the Aspromonte National Park has a number of beautiful attractions to amaze visitors to the park. With the Apennines crossing its territory, the wild mountain range offers breathtaking views that beautifully frame the rest of the incredible attractions. History lovers should go to the abandoned ghost town of Pentedattilo which dates back to 640 BC. Nestled in the rocky mountains, the crumbling gray buildings seem incredible in their desolation. Impressive geological formations are scattered around the park and also the wonderful water courses run along the bottom of the ravines. Wild and uncontaminated, the enchanting scenery makes the Aspromonte a magnificent place to visit.


Parco nazionale dell'Aspromonte

5. Stelvio National Park


With vast flowering meadows giving way to lush alpine forests and the untameable Alps that stand out in an impressive way over everything, the landscapes in the Stelvio National Park are fascinating due to the series of spectacular views it offers. In the summer, the park comes to life while various colors spring up from every corner; the snow-capped mountains and glaciers shine in the sun while the yellow flowers bloom amid the verdant grasses and forests that cover the park. For visitors looking for an idealized version of how the Alps appear; look no further because Stelvio has it all.

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
4. National

4. Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The itinerant valleys and hills of this large national park offer pleasant excursions into the untouched and unspoiled environment. The mountains and the extensive beech woods are an important protected area for rare and hidden animals among the luxuriant vegetation, such as the Abruzzo chamois, the Italian wolves and the Marsican brown bears that roam the mountains in their daily life. Breaking the endless green of the countryside are the brilliant blue lakes that dot the area and the towering peaks of the mountains that reach over 2000 meters high. With over 2000 types of plant species, nature lovers will find satisfaction in this unspoilt area of ​​the world.

Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise

3. Gran Paradiso National Park


Originally established to be a private hunting ground for the king, the park has grown since its early days and its task to protect the alpine ibex has extended to include all the untouched lands within its borders. The beautiful landscapes located in the north-west of Italy are beautiful to admire and the park takes its name from the imposing Monte Gran Paradiso which is its central feature. Its snow-covered slopes and high pinnacles rise in the clouds, reaching the sky. The breathtaking views of the Alps are spectacular and make this beautiful national park emeritus of a visit.



Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso

2. Cinque Terre National Park


One of the most visited areas of the country, the five picturesque towns of the Cinque Terre that embrace the rocky walls that line the rugged and rugged Ligurian coast are a must for many visitors to Italy. A place of almost unsurpassable beauty, the charm of these idyllic cities combined with the wild and steep sides of the mountains that are perched make the Cinque Terre National Park an unforgettable place.

Combining the cities with each other are a series of enchanting paths that embrace the cliffs and interweave among the wild flowers that constantly bloom in the hard ground. As you pass through the vineyards and farm fields that pop out from time to time, turning a corner and seeing Vernazza or one of the other multi-colored cities below you is truly an incredible experience. As you descend along the steep paths that slowly turn into old cobblestone streets, the juxtaposition of pristine nature and the picturesque life of a timeless city is fascinating and you will not be able to imagine a more perfect scene, such is its majestic beauty.

Parco nazionale delle Cinque Terre

1. Belluno Dolomites National Park


Simply sensational. The Belluno Dolomites National Park is a real gem and as such, visitors to the park will find a myriad of natural wonders to keep them entertained. Located in the Veneto region, the enchanting landscapes are extravagant for the perfect image of the Alps that they transmit. The imposing mountains dominate the view and the uncontaminated alpine environments are invigorating for an excursion, while the fresh mountain air revitalizes and reinvigorates to continue your journey to discover an indescribable beauty. Surprising to contemplate you will lose track of time in this spectacle of nature.

Dolomiti Bellunesi National park

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