12 months tourism in Bodrum

12 months tourism in Bodrum

December 16, 2018 0 By admin

It is known as a tourism paradise with its magnificent nature, beautiful bays and beaches. Millions in Turkey and abroad tourist is coming to Bodrum each year.

National and international sports activities organized in the county in winter with the aim of spreading tourism mobility for 12 months.

Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER) Secretary General Orhan Kavala, said in a statement, this year, many tourists from England, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, France and Germany said that the district.

Next year we will participate in various fairs abroad, Kavala said, “We have participated in fairs in Bodrum, Italy, France and England. The developments for the new year seem quite good. very large fairs, “he said.


For foreigners who emphasized that Turkey’s position on a popular country Kavala, said:

“The services we offer are much better than the competing countries, we have a lot of opportunities and we offer very cheap holidays. It is very extraordinary that this cheapness is provided for this service. One of the factors that increase these numbers is our prices. more than us ”


In the winter months, the sailing races were held in the district of Kavala, “during the winter months, some of the sailing races are national, and some of them are international, which brings an intense mobility to Bodrum. This is a serious contribution to the Bodrum hotel sector. These competitions will be held in lanes, very rich in Bodrum and the options are too much.

Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon also said that this year has been better in terms of tourism compared to the last 2 years. “Especially, the number of German tourists makes us even happier. I think it will go very well. I hope this happens, “he said.

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