36 thousand people flew from the new airport

36 thousand people flew from the new airport

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The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines İlker Aycı, Announcing the Istanbul Airport where commercial flights have been started for a month, Aycı said that Turkish Airlines carried over 36 thousand passengers through 3 domestic and 2 international flights.

The new airport, indicating to players in the industry will bring a new breath Aycı, Turkey’s aviation unfolded in terms of both quantity and quality, and the country was said to be one of the most important centers in the world of commercial aviation.


Turkey in the last 15 years the number of airports from 26 to 56, $ 2.2 billion aerospace turnover of 25 billion dollars, the plane number of the 517’y and number of passengers from 162 to 30 million, 138 million, emphasizing that interests Aycı, Turkey’s in terms of the number of passengers in the world is 17th reminded.

Aycı “Istanbul Airport, Turkey will make the locomotive of the future growth of aviation. Eliminate existing bottlenecks with Sun that capacity and slot facility, a mega transfer hub Will be. “When using the expression that Turkey will impact the airport’s new 700 aircraft as of 2023 and would have to be 1.7 times the number of passengers, he added.


Aycan also said he expected the rise to 9th place in the world in terms of number of passengers in Turkey in 2032 and “Istanbul Airport, Turkey will be one of the most important driving forces of economic growth. In 2025 to Turkey, which corresponds to 4.9 percent of GDP about 73 billion pounds will contribute with added value. ” said.

In addition to the number of passengers along with the new airport, as well as an increase in the amount of cargo underlining Aycı, 2.5 million tons in the first place and all stages will have an annual cargo capacity of 5.5 million tons will transform the airport of the world’s largest cargo city of Istanbul said.

Airport area of ​​700 square meters, aircraft maintenance and Turkey will become one of the world’s leading care centers also expressing Aycı in this center; in line with aircraft maintenance, calibration, aircraft engine solutions will be supported in many areas, he said.

Aycı stated that the airport currently employs 36 thousand people, and that this figure will increase to 120 thousand in the coming months. “When all phases are activated, 225 thousand people will employ approximately 1.5 million people.” said.


Reminding that Turkish Airlines has launched 3 domestic and 2 international promotional commercial flights from Istanbul Airport since the beginning of November, Aycı said, an In our flights with high occupancy rates to date more than 36 thousand we are carrying passengers. All of our passengers admire this monumental project and expressed their satisfaction. In the new period, we will shift all scheduled passenger flights to Istanbul Airport. In this way, the world ‘s most countries and foreign flights to the point as an airline, Istanbul Airport will connect the world. “He said.

Istanbul Airport, with 3 runways to eliminate capacity and slot problems, suggesting that Aycı Turkish aviation sector in this way to deepen the existing markets and the opportunity to enter the new markets announced the recovery.

Atatürk Airport, with an average of 1.227 landing-departure and 44.5 million passengers in Madrid, London Heathrow, Singapore, Doha and Beijing, leaving behind the important centers such as Aycı said that 250 out of this point, and the new airport with over 350 he said he would come.


At the new airport that can serve 60 airline companies by the first stage, the number will increase to 150 by 2023. Aycı said ğ We can see the new capacities and capacities in the existing capacities from other regional airlines, especially in the Asian region. Birinci said.

Aycı stated that the airport attracted the attention of global logistics companies and added that Istanbul Airport will become the regional cargo transfer center of Istanbul Airport with the strategic location advantage, operational and technological infrastructure and other cargo investments.

Sub-brand of Turkish Airlines Turkish Cargo Aycı stated that the new airport would make a great contribution in achieving its goal of becoming one of the top 5 airfreight companies in the world and that Turkish Airlines would invest in this sense.

Aycı said that Turkish Airlines will offer new services such as business class and exclusive lounge with its new airport and will continue its old partnerships and projects.

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