4 destinations where you do not see the sun throughout the winter

4 destinations where you do not see the sun throughout the winter

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1. Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska

The city Utqiaġvik, formerly named Barrow, in Alaska, saw its last sunlight at the end of November and will not have a sunshine of 65 days. On January 23, 2019, the city can see the sun again. The city is experiencing polar night or midwinds, which means that the sun does not get up all day, and the sun is below the horizon all day.

There are approximately 4,400 people in Utqiaġvik, and several research centers are located.

The city, however, gets a bit of civil twilight, which means that the sun is six degrees below the horizon, creating a light that allows you to get some sunshine. During December, it’s only three hours a day with bourgeois twilight.



2. Longyearbyen, Svalbard

With its more than 2,000 inhabitants, Longyearbyen is Svalbard’s only major city, and one of the world’s northernmost inhabited places.

Here the sun does not go down from April to the end of August, but it will also be very dark for the rest of the year. It’s almost completely dark around the clock for just over four months. Longyearbyen also has a polar night, when the city is located at latitude 78.1 ° N where the sun is under the horizon from late October until mid February. It is also dark in the middle of the middle of November until the end of January, writes SMHI.

More than 2,000 people live in Svalbard’s only big city.

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3. Treriksroset, (Northern Sweden)

On November 30 this year, the sun appeared for the last time in Sweden’s northernmost point, Treriksröset. Here you can not see the sun until January 2019, but the light from the sun still gives some daylight.

When it’s darkest, at the winter solstice, the light from the sun gives a daylight for 4 hours and 44 min at the Treriks Rouge, writes SVT.

Even Kiruna enters the polar night, where the sun disappears after December 10 and returns in January.

In northern Sweden you can experience the northern lights.

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4. Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø is the largest city in northern Norway, and is also in the middle of the northern skies oval, where you have the greatest chance of seeing aurora borealis.

Here, 70,000 inhabitants live, and the vast majority work with research, fish exports and satellite technology.

Between November and January there is a polar night, and you can also see the northern lights. From the end of May to mid July, it is midnight sun instead. It is not quite black in the winter months, when there is a little daylight between about nine o’clock in the morning and two in the afternoon, some days.

Tromso, Norway.

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