A heavenly corner in Trabzon is fascinated by the beauty of snow in Limni Lake

A heavenly corner in Trabzon is fascinated by the beauty of snow in Limni Lake

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Located at the foot of Zigana Mountain, Limni Lake Nature Park, covered with pine and spruce trees, presents a visual feast by the falling snow. The snow thickness reached 50 centimeters and the large part of the lake in the winter holding ice was viewed from the air with a drone …

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    Limni Lake Nature Park, one of the alternative tourism centers of the Eastern Black Sea, presents a visual feast with the image of the snow falling after the snow.

  • Limni Lake, located in Torul district of Gümüşhane, 65 kilometers from Trabzon and 45 kilometers away from Gümüşhane city centers, is located at the foot of Zigana Mountain on the Historical Silk Road.

  • 2 thousand 24 altitude lakes in the area covered with yellow pine and spruce trees, the two days since the snow effect in the city after the beautiful images occurred.

  • In the natural park where the snow thickness reaches 50 centimeters, the lake and the lake, which are accompanied by ice, were reflected on the drone images.

    Last year, over 100 thousand domestic and foreign tourists visited the nature park has a restaurant for guests and 22 forest lodge for accommodation.

  • Limni Lake is one of the most important destinations for Arab tourists who prefer Eastern Black Sea Region for nature tourism as well as local tourists.

    Domestic and foreign tourists who prefer the lake, taste the taste of unprocessed native lamb meat specific to Zigana region and enjoy sipping tea in the samovar against the view of the snowy lake.

    Over 200,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited the nature park, where more than 100 thousand domestic and foreign tourists were welcomed and transported by private vehicles.

  • Limni Lake continues to serve its visitors in the winter season following the anti-avalanche arrangements made on the road for the nature park to serve in winter.



    Limni Lake Nature Park Operator Murat Eroglu, said in a statement, Limni Lake at the foot of Mount Zigana unique natural beauty offers an insatiable natural beauty to visitors.

    Eroğlu said that the area where the lake was located after the nature park was declared to visitors and started to offer accommodation and facility services.

    Eroglu, Limni Lake Nature Park last year, more than 100 thousand domestic and foreign tourists visited the area, giving a great interest to the Arab tourists who prefer to visit the region for the last period reported.

    Eroglu pointed out that 200 thousand domestic and foreign tourists are the targets for 2018, “We reached our destination even though the year has not been completed yet. More than 200 thousand people visited Limni Lake in this year. Now we will serve 12 months of the year. We will continue to provide services including winter season. We are waiting for everyone who wants to experience nature, life and beauties here. ”



    On the other hand Limnos Lake, located at the summit of Turkey’s first winter sports centers Zigana Winter Sports and Tourism Center is well located on Mount Zigana snow depth reached 40 centimeters.

    The ski resort, which is one of the most important winter tourism destinations in the Eastern Black Sea region and attracts the attention of nature lovers, is preparing to welcome its visitors.

  • The ski resort and facilities on the historical Silk Road also offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy skiing and sledding as well as a restaurant serving local dishes.

    Trabzon Airport is 60, Gumushane city center is 40 kilometers away from the ski center with a capacity of 150 people and 50 person skies.



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