A pilot bought a plane to save the lives of thousands of dogs sentenced to death

A pilot bought a plane to save the lives of thousands of dogs sentenced to death

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According to an official report by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) about 6 million animals that arrive at the shelters of U.S, Nearly half are eliminated by means of euthanasia. Knowing these figures, war veteran and animal lover Paul Steklenski decided to get down to work.

This is the plane that the American Paul Steklenski bought to rescue dogs that end up confined waiting to be slaughtered in kennels. (Instagram flyingfuranimalrescue)

Already retired, the American made an aviation course and He discovered that he had a new passion: to fly. Paul he linked that with his love of animals and from there arose a great vocation. This citizen decided to make a heavy investment buying an airplane and conditioning it to rescue dogs that are condemned to death in these types of shelters that unfortunately still exist in the United States.

Thus, Steklenski founded in 2015 his own NGO called Flying Fur Animal Rescue Y every month flies from Pennsylvania to other states in search of animals that can be adopted but that had been confined in these kennels.

On his Facebook, the aviator said: “Many pilots like to fly to restaurants or nice places and that’s great, but I had to have a different reason to do it. Seeing the dogs in the shelter was heartbreaking. It was horrible to think that there were so many animals being slaughtered because they were trapped in a certain area. ”

Of course, for such a noble task, Paul certainly showed that he has a vocation and declared: “I am part of them,” he said. “I see it, I experience it. I can remember each flight as if it had just happened. “. However, he considered that “it is bittersweet in the sense that you have to spend two hours with them, and I start to bond a little but then they have to continue”.

Moved, the pilot makes between two and three trips per month to rescue abandoned dogs in shelters with high chances of being slaughtered. (Instagram flyingfuranimalrescue)

He tells himself that conditioned his plane to be able to move the dogs in caniles, even up decorated the wings of the vehicle with dog tracks so that it is known that their transportation is exclusively for them. Also, if you feel that there are animals that are more afraid than others, take them on their lap and pamper them so that they do not feel so much stress. Once up, in general already has several families willing to adopt the puppies.

Through his social networks, Paul Steklenski it is uploading very sweet and funny images of the moments shared with the animals rescued, so the photos became viral and reap many likes. Only on Instagram, has 29,000 followers, who are also its great financial engine because through donations and adoptions the plane is still working to rescue the animals.

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