Airline lets passengers clean their own seat

Airline lets passengers clean their own seat

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WDo not worry if you see plenty of passengers with microfibre cloths and disinfectant vials at the gate. From December 12, passengers on American Airlines will be able to board the plane first in front of everyone else, as long as they have specified a nut allergy at the gate. On peanuts, but also on almonds, hazelnut, pecan nuts, macadamia, pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts, Brazil nuts or sweet chestnuts.

These passengers will come on board earlier so they can clean their own space. And tip-top. “Wipe the seat, folding tables, armrests and all other potentially contaminated areas,” it says at the airline.

Why this? Although American Airlines has long since stopped serving nuts on board, the airline is “unable to provide a nut-free cabin”. This is because other passengers on previous flights could have brought allergenic food on board and left crumbs.

The turnaround time at the airport is barely enough to thoroughly clean the seats. So now the passenger is in demand. Cleaning yourself for your own safety, Clean Priority Boarding so to speak.

A very special bunch

This has also become common practice at Delta Air Lines – and has become popular. As a result, the number of nut allergic patients reporting at the gate has increased significantly. Early boarding is appreciated before the crowd rumbles through the corridors, but you also wagging with the cloth.

Which makes sense for non-allergic people. Because the seats are not clean anyway, especially at the end of the day. Although the worst contaminants are usually removed before boarding, but not always.

This effect has peanuts in toddlers

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For allergy sufferers, even a tiny peanut trail can be life-threatening. In industrialized countries, the number of allergies is increasing. A peanut diet in children should reduce the risk.

Source: N24 / Laura Fritsch

Recently, Michael Meehan had to determine that on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Miami. The heap he found in his seat – it is now unappetizing – did not just look like feces. It was feces.

The summoned flight crew tapped the legacy of a shepherd dog, a golden retriever puppy, or a sick man sitting in that row of seats during the day, but he also did not want to get his hands dirty. Instead, the passenger was given paper towels and a vial of gin to disinfect. Passengers clean better.

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