Airlines CO2 ranking: TUIfly and Condor among the least climate-damaging airlines

Airlines CO2 ranking: TUIfly and Condor among the least climate-damaging airlines

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Aircraft cause a lot of CO2 – and yet there are differences: in a global ranking, TUIfly and Condor rank two German lines among the ten least polluting airlines.

Condor machine in Canada
Condor machine in Canada

Saturday, 08/12/2018

According to a study, among the ten, at least, relatively climate-friendly airlines in the world, there are two German airlines. As the environmental organization Atmosfair announced, TUIfly and Condor are in the top spots.

Who is the least climate-damaging airline in the world, is still unknown. The organization wants to announce the full ranking on Saturday afternoon.

Every year since 2012, Atmosfair has been evaluating the approximately 200 largest airlines worldwide for their environmental impact. The index is based on the CO2 emissions of one airline per kilometer and passenger on all flown routes.

TUIfly has always been at the top of the Atmosfair Index since the beginning of the ranking. The airline uses many modern aircraft models with low CO2 emissions. Condor also finished ninth last year, making it one of the most climate-friendly airlines.

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The good rating of Condor and TUIfly depends among other things on the property as a holiday flier. One of the criteria for the index assessment of the climate friendliness of the world’s 200 largest airlines is the number of passengers transported on a flight. The reason: Aircraft with a close-fitting balance in the balance of the environment significantly less harmful to the climate-damaging CO2 than aviators with plenty of legroom.

However, traveling by plane remains extremely climate-damaging, even with one of the airlines in the top spots of the ranking. This is also because airplanes emit CO2 at high altitude, where, according to the Federal Environment Agency, it has about three times as much impact on the climate as the same amount from a car exhaust.

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