Alania Turkey: Beach, History, Nature and Gastronomy

Alania Turkey: Beach, History, Nature and Gastronomy

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History of Alania

It is located on a small peninsula in the north of Alanya in the Taurus Mountains to the south of the Mediterranean. Sometimes Pamphylia is sometimes referred to as Klikya because it is located on the line between Pamphylia and Klikya in ancient times.

There is no definite information about the first administration of Alanya. Prof Dr Kılınç KÖKTEN’s research in Kadıini Cave, located 12 km from the city center in 1957, shows that the history of the region dates back to the Upper Palaeolithic (20,000 BC, -17,000 BC) period.

It is not yet known when and by whom the first time Alanya was founded. Korakesium is the oldest known name of the city. In the Byzantine period, Kalanoros name was given. 13, YY of the rulers of the Anatolian Seljuks, 1, Allaaddin Keykubat (1200-1237) by taking the city of Alaiye changed the name of the city. Ataturk who visited the city in 1935 gave the name Alanya. (The first mention of Koreksim’den BC 4, Scylax’dan century geography of the ancient geography of the region under Anatolia is invaded by a significant part of the Persians are under the rule of the famous antique era later Strabo, Piri Reis, Seyyep, Ibn-i Batuta and Evliya are travelers traveling in Çelebi region and they talk about the city in their works.

Historical Places in Alania

The Citadel – Alania Castle

Alanya Castle, located on a 10 hectare peninsula surrounded by 6 km long walls, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.

The Citadel (Kale) occupies a hilly peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides, and by the modern parts of the city on the other. Although the signs showing way to ‘Castle’ (Kale) points to the highest parts of the walls, the walls can be followed starting right at the sea level. Particularly interesting in (or next to) the citadel is the tip of the peninsula formed by a high and narrow extension of rocks, jutting long into the sea. This formation is named Adam Atacağı in Turkish (pronounced aa-daam aa-taa-jaa-a), literally “man thrower”, as here was where people condemned to death were pushed into the sea.

History of the first establishment and who is not surely established by Alanya, first BC IV. century geographer Scylax, Korakesion (Coracesium) is referred to as. Strabo; When Korakesion enters Cilicia from the west, he defines it as the first visible city and states that the power to capture it is built on a very steep rock.
The Korakesion; thanks to its natural defenses and its sheltered harbor, even with a small military unit, it is an ideal sanctuary for pirates and asians. II. century pirate port and center. The Hellenistic fortification wall with large block stones and mortar found in the part of the Middle Castle up to Ehmedek from the Arabian Mansion was found in BC. II. In the 20th century the city was dominated by Diototos Tryphon.
The pirate domination ended with the Korakesion battle, which resulted in the victory of Pompeius of Rome in 65 BC. The city grows with the expansion of the city walls and the addition of new buildings during the Roman period. During this period coins were printed on behalf of the emperors.

Kalonoros in 1221; Karen Vart, the owner of the castle, handed it over to the Sultan of Anatolia Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat and changed his name to Alaiye. I.Alaaddin Keykubat starts a big reconstruction activity, consolidates the old city walls, builds new walls and makes the most brilliant period in Alanya.

Kızıl Kule (Red Tower) in Alania

Kızılkule, a unique example of medieval Mediterranean defense structures in the 13th century; port, shipyard and Alanya Castle against the attack against the sea, the Seljuk ruler Ilaaddin Keykubat Aleppo building Ali Ali Reha al-Kettani made.
Kızılkule; As in the past, he has attracted attention with a splendid image in the past and has taken place in many books. Evliya Çelebi, a traveler of the 17th century; It is stated that Alanya Castle is a solid tower with eight corners on the sea side, that this man is 2000 man during the siege and that the second castle guard who is sitting here is 40 soldiers.
Because the building is built on a rock on a slope, it is 33 m shorter in the east direction and 3 m shorter in the west direction. The lower body walls are regularly cut and joined with rectangular limestone and classical column bodies as advertising material and red brick on the upper part. by Nejdet Duzen

Beach in Alania

Kleopatra Beach in Alania

It is on the shore in front of Damlataş Cave, to the west of historical peninsula. It has Blue Flag and wide sandy beach will be welcoming you. This scenic beach in the view of the pool surrounded by rocks is famous for the queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Roman Emperor Antonius swimming here. Cleopatra Beach’s specialty is the clarity of the water. At the crystal clear water you can watch the fishes and the natural beauties of the sea bottom.

Damlataş Plajı

It is located in the skirts of Alanya Castle in front of Damlataş Cave. Alanya beaches have an eye-catching beauty of fine and clean sand. Behind these beaches, there are many hotels that serve tourism. The beach is quite wide.

Incekum Beach

It is located in the Avsallar District at the 26th kilometer of Antalya-Alanya highway. The Incekum promenade area, which is surrounded by sea and forest, has a special place for Alanya. The clean and shallow sea of this place is a very attractive place for picnicking with fine sand and going into the sea.

Ulaş Beach

It is a small bay located at the 5th kilometer of Antalya-Alanya highway. This is a favorite place to rest with new arrangements of restaurants, picnic spots and beautiful beaches as it is for rest.

Caves in Alania

Pirate Cave (Korsanlar Mağarası -Kızlaryarığı)

The ceiling of the cave is approximately 78 m. in height. It is known that this cave was used as a booty store by pirates in the olden days and hid the girls they missed. According to some narrations, it is said that this cave is in contact with Kale, the girls who have been kidnapped and the spoils obtained have been delivered to Kale in this way, but this road has collapsed after hundreds and thousands of years.
Teknelerle can be entered into the cave.

Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave was found during the opening of the hearth for the stone to be used in the port construction in 1948. The cave is on the west coast of the historic Alanya Castle. There is a 50 meter walkway at the entrance of the cave. After a passage of 15 meters in height, it reaches a cylindrical void. From here, it goes down to the base of the cave. The cave has been named as Damlataş because of the water drops that continue to drip from the stalagmites. The cave is famous for its astonishing beauty as well as for its asthmatic patients. There are patients who undergo a 21-day cure for a certain period of time in the cave under the supervision of a doctor. The weather of the cave does not change in summer and winter; the temperature is 22 degrees centigrade, the humidity is 95 percent, and the constant pressure is 760 mm. In the air of the cave there are 71 percent nitrogen, 20.5 percent oxygen, 2.5 carbon dioxide, and some radioactivity and ions.

Is the first cave opened in Turkey’s tourism.

Phosphorous Cave

It is the third cave on the side of Damlataş Cave. This cave, which can be entered with a small boat, is an interesting natural beauty with its geological value in terms of structure and image. The days of the phosphorus glow of the cave, which is very bright in the night, are also noticeable. This cave is called a phosphorous cave because of its phosphorous color.

Dim Cave in Alania

The cave, which is 11 km away from Alanya, is 232 m high above sea level and is located on the west slope of Mount Cebeli Reis.
Dim Cave consisting of 4 galleries is 360 m long, horizontal, 10-15 m wide and high. There are rich stalactites, stalagmites and travertines in the cave. At the end of the cave, there is a small lake with a 200 m² water surface, 17 m deeper from the entrance.
Turkey is the second biggest cave known to the visitors.

Museums in Alania

Alania Archaeology Museum

The museum, which is a closed exhibition hall with 14 enclosures, was opened in 1967 with works belonging to Bronze Age, Urartu, Phrygian and Lydian Periods brought from Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum. The most important piece of the museum is M.S. It is a bronze casting Heracles sculpture dated to the 2nd century BC. There are bronze, marble, terracotta, glass and mosaic finds and rich ash boxes, coin collections belonging to Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods in Alanya. Turkish – Islamic works of Seljuk and Ottoman periods have an important place.

How to go Alania

Alanya is about 2 hours drive from the nearest major international airport in Antalya and half an hour from Gazipaşa Airport. Gazipasa Airport opened for international flights in 2011, and serves a limited, but growing number of European destinations. Most holiday makers land in Antalya and are then taken to their hotel in Alanya by bus and also you can choose antalya airport transfers to alanya for hassle free arrivals

If your hotel is a bit far from Alanya, you can stand outside the hotel on the road and wait for a Dolmuş to come by and pick you up. You can stop at dolmuş stops anywhere on the road, mostly there are bus stops, rarely at someplaces there are not bus stops, they come in each 10 and 15 minutes and are sometimes quite crowded. Expect to pay around 2 Turkish Lira per person for the ride.

How to get around in Alania

In the city center there is cheap Dolmuş to reach all around the town.

Red Tower and part of Alanya Castle. Walking around the town is the best option, except on very hot July and August days. You can take taxis or a Dolmuş to the castle if you don’t want to walk all the way up the hill.

Also you can rent an electric scooter or a bike.

Alternative Places to Visit in Alania

Old shipyard (Tersane) – Built by the Seljuqs, this structure dates back to 1228. Located very near the Red Tower.

  • Syedra Ancient City Ancient port city in the Seki Village, some 25 km southeast of the city center. Excavations continue.
  • Dim Çayı
  • Sapadere Kanyonu

What To Do in Alania

There is a lot to do in and there are plenty of tour companies whole heartedly willing to help you.

  • Boat trip (try to haggle down to €5 for one hour), should include visits to caves (if the weather permits it) and lunch as well as animation with Eurodance music. Beware some salespersons there promise you that you will see turtles and dolphins before the season before may and that you will go into the cave with the boat, even though you boat is far too big. Do not believe them.
  • Scuba Diving (more fish during the high season)
  • Jeep safari tours
  • Quad bike tours
  • Donkey riding
  • Trip to historic Amphitheatre in Aspendos

What to Buy in Alania

Catering for all the European tourists, almost everyone in Alanya accepts Euros. You may not even have to exchange your Euros at all. When taking money out of the automatic teller machines, make sure they can give you Euros as well as Lira. It’s also very easy to exchange all Scandinavian crowns (krona, krone, possibly except Icelandic króna) in many exchange offices of the town—something not very usual in the rest of Turkey—as many holiday-makers in Alanya are Scandinavians.

Alanya is full to the brim of shops, which become very repetitive since they all sell pretty much exactly the same wares. The shops shamelessly sell fake brands and goods, where the expiry date has been long exceeded. A list of the most common items:

  • Clothing: Shoes and t-shirts from Puma, etc (fake of course!)
  • Watches: Everything from Seiko to DKNY (fake of course!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bags and Wallets
  • Turkish Tea sets
  • Water Pipes and tobacco

Be prepared to haggle, the shop owners expect it. This means you need to know the approximate value for the items you would like to buy. You can check the value either by research online in advance or by asking any friendly local. When you haggle, they will offer you an absurdly high price. This means that you can offer a couple of Euros and try to meet somewhere at the price you have decided to be your maximum. Obviously, you can’t haggle in a supermarket, petrol station, etc. Trying to haggle for groceries is generally frowned upon. You will have to haggle in the cocktail bars that are lined up along the beach promenade, if you don’t want to pay more for a meal and drinks than in Europe. Many restaurants/bars/etc don’t even have prices on their menu.

What to Eat in Alania

Turkish food in general is really tasty. Try:

  • Lahmacun: These will cost you around 5-7 Lira and are more like a snack than a meal
  • Baklava: Turkish sweet. The cost depends on the weight (e.g. 40-60 Lira for a kilogram)
  • Gözleme: Delicious pastry with cheese and meat inside.

If you are in an “All Inclusive” hotel (which is usually the case), all your meals are provided by the hotel.

What to Drink

  • Turkish coffee

Be warned that the prices of drinks in the night clubs may be insanely high. Expect a beer to cost from €1.00 to €4.50.

Shakespeare Bistro is one of the best Cafe restaurant in Alania

Leman kultur is the best location for a good breakfast in Alania


A great deal of cheap holiday packages, usually originating in Germany or Scandinavia, include “All Inclusive” hotels situated on the beach as part of the deal. For example, an “All Inclusive” 4 Star hotel in Alanya including a flight to Antalya from Germany costs around €400. Recently, Alanya Old City has become a popular destination for many travellers looking for a romantic getaway in a unique atmosphere.

  • Villa Casara, Konakli, Alanya. beautiful brand new Turkish villa, which sleeps 8 comfortably, is bright, spacious and comfortable with all modern conveniences. It is set in lovely palm lined gardens and the 3 balconies enjoy views of the mountains, swimming pool and boast a direct view of the sea.
  • Hotel Villa Turka, Alanya Old City Antalya, +90.530.5474641. A romantic boutique hotel located in the heart of Alanya Castle featuring a beautifully restored 19th century castle mansion with 11 individually decorated rooms, an organic homemade breakfast buffet and a breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Yasmin Hotel, Şekerhane Mh. Şekerhane, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye, +90 242 511 29 63. A small 3 star hotel in the center of Alanya surrounded with nice restaurants and shops. Owner Kemal is very friendly and his traditional breakfasts are to die for! €50/night

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