Alternative for Boracay – Higuntan Beach Malay Aklan Philippines

Alternative for Boracay – Higuntan Beach Malay Aklan Philippines

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Tourist enterance of Boracay Island blocked by Philippines government due to recovering works of cleaning around.

In February, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte evaluated the island as a “cesspool.” “I’ll give you six months,” he told Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu. “Clean the goddamn thing.”

Boracay is a charmy place for tourists and in 2017 over 2 million tourist visited and revenue was over $ 1 Million. However, Boracay now has to fight with environ­mental degradation, traffic problems, insufficient solid garbage management, illegal buildings, fishing is now out of control and illegal.

Here is an alternative of Boracan Island beaches with the same sands, sea and less tourists attend;

Hinugtan Beach (Malay, Aklan)

It is easy to reach by 15-25min boat ride as its is nearby within craggy cliffs by the sea.

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It’s really romantic place. When we talk about Boracay’s white sands, crystal and turquoise blue waters minus the crowd, establishments and boats Hinugtan has the same quality and may be more you will find.  Remove all the touristic establishments in your mind and place it in a silent, peaceful and rural setting and you will get the Pristine Hinugtan Beach.  Since it’s quite close to Boracay, it can also be easily visited as a day tour from the island as well. In fact, many of the Boracay tour operators offer Hingutan Beach as a part of their tour package. It is actually the same as undiscovered Boracay.

Hinugtan Beach has multiple areas and sand types;

You can find cream-coloured sands that are not as good as powder.

One is rough and rocky and not very good for swimming.

Last one is with powdery creamy-white sands that surpasses that of Boracay.

wonderful to have  how such one stretch of beach can have 3 different qualities.

When to visit:

Hinugtan beach is best visited during the dry season. It is mostly accessed from Boracay Island by boat and so good weather is always a prerequisite otherwise stormy sea will engulf you. The dry season starts from December to May.

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How to go Hinugtan Beach

Hinugtan seashore is in Buruanga city and most general buses and public transports move by the jump-off level in order that half is simple. From Boracay, a 45-minute scenic trip by boat you will be arriving to this Hidden paradise. It’s tougher to go by land transport, although.

One has to descend the tough rocky and muddy highway (tough for even bikes; we tried and we failed) after which comply with the small muddy path till you discover the seashore. It’s tough to get to certainly however as soon as there, it’s going to take your breath away.

When you don’t have your individual transport then you can be strolling all the way in which to the highest of the hill which might take hours. Nevertheless, the paved highway ends the place nature begins.

Where to Stay at Hinugtan Beach

One of the best option is Hinugtan Beach resort. Very Romantic place by the beach.


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