’s first dog hotel is opened’s first dog hotel is opened

November 22, 2018 0 By admin users, with accommodation offer in more than 70 countries, can find the first a hotel for dogs from the platform. And he is Argentine.

In a unique initiative globally and for the first time in its history, presents the possibility that people make reservations for their holidays and, at the same time, those of their pets. The proposal was finalized through an agreement with PetVille, an “animal resort” located in La Lonja, part of Pilar, in the province of Buenos Aires.

There is a wide variety of services for pets (Petville).

Maximiliano Alfaro, Country Manager of Argentina, said: “Whether planned for months or the result of a spontaneous decision, vacations allow us to live unique experiences. That’s why there is nothing more important than helping travelers reduce stress levels, and one of the concerns that does not allow them to relax at all is to leave the pet alone. ”

“On this occasion,” he added, “I think we took another step between our great diversity of accommodations, by providing, for the first time, the possibility that our users can make a reservation for their pets.”

Precisely, a study conducted this year by revealed that One of the biggest concerns of Argentines when traveling is having left their pet alone in the house.

How is the hotel

Bedrooms. Those who make their reservations in the “animal resort five stars”, will find that PetVille has more than 50 individual rooms, with air conditioning and heating according to the season, with exit to the outside, window and mosquito net.

This is how the “animal resort” rooms look (

Food. The food will be provided by the owner or by the accommodation, which promises “super premium food and / or homemade food”.

Transfer in-out. Optional door-to-door transportation service, from / to your home in specially prepared vans. (this service has an additional cost)

Bathrooms, spa and amenities. From specially formulated shampoo to massage, nail cutting and ear cleaning. You can hire for your return home or according to the needs of the guest.

The dogs have games in the hotel park (Petville).

Security. There are double perimeter fences, doors, 32 security cameras and permanent staff every day of the year.

Personalized veterinary care. Special food for the animal, medication, care and monitoring during the stay. Also, advice and consultation with your veterinarian, if necessary.

Recreation. Large garden, toys and outdoor pool. Hours of games in the morning, nap and games in the afternoon.

PetVille has spaces to “encourage the coexistence of all its guests” and to lose the fear of being without their owners. In addition, it has a rescue program for street dogs, who are cured and fed so that later they can find a family that adopts them.

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