Check out the world’s 10 most luxurious trips by train

Check out the world’s 10 most luxurious trips by train

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Once upon a time, flights were something that was reserved for those who were well-off, while the rest of us were referred to the train when we were traveling. Today, it is almost the opposite. Taking the train out in Europe costs much more than taking the flight.

So how do you make the train more attractive? By investing in luxury, of course. Here are ten train lines where you are expected to switch to dinner and where the actual journey is actually more important than the goal.

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Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru

Welcome to South America’s first light train for long journeys. Belmond Andean Explorer runs along one of the worlds highest-ranked tracks. 24 compartments that are well-stocked and luxuriously furnished will take you from Cusco, once the Inca Empire, across the Andes highlands to Arequipa, allowing you to experience the Colca Valley as well as Lake Titikas.

Shiki Shima, Japan

Once a journey of one, two or three nights on this ultra-light train through Japan’s eastern parts. The coupons are actually suites equipped in modern Japanese design. Refined varieties of local dishes are served on the restaurant’s strengthened white tablecloths, and you can relax while the landscape flies past through the fully glazed sides of the observation deck.

Presidential train, Portugal

This magnificent train was built in 1890 as a royal transport for Dom Luis I. Two years ago, the train got new life when a rich theater producer invested one million euros in a restoration that took two years.

The result was a love letter to Portugal made on rails. The train makes full-day trips through the Douro valley, the focus is on Portuguese food and wine. Every weekend (the train only goes on weekends) a new Michelin-crowned chef takes care of the kitchen and the only longer stop is at a vineyard.

Maharaja Express, India

Detra is the most famous of India’s luxury trains and it takes 88 passengers on a four or eight-night journey through the country’s most fascinating and iconic sites. Jaipur, Varanasi, Goa and of course the Taj Mahal.

The interiors are decorated in classic Indian design. The train is equipped with two restaurant carriages, cocktail bar and a hearty lounge where you can get to know the other passengers under civilized forms.

Travel through India while enjoying good food or cocktail.


Orient Express Venice Simplon, Europe

For Europeer, there is no more legendary and sprawling train than the Orient Express. Although the modern version of the Orientexpress is not the same as it once was, it is possible to go from Paris to Istanbul in fantastic art deco luxury and feel like you were in Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel.

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A trip from London to Venice with an overnight stay in one of the suites goes away at SEK 61,000.


Blue Train, South Africa

For over 70 years, Blå Tåget has transported passengers from Pretoria to Cape Town. The 170 mile journey takes 31 hours, but you will enjoy what one minute. Lots of cabins, five-star service, gourmet food and award-winning wine list.

Forget about thinking about sitting at table without a jacket and tie or evening dress.

The Ghan, Australia

Since its premiere in 1929, The Ghan has been regarded as one of the most fascinating train trips. For four days, the train travels from Darwin, through the red outback to Adelaide.

The many stops on the trip provide space for adventures in the Northern Territories’ magnificent nature.

The restaurant car serves regional cuisine such as kangaroo and barramundi along with craft beer and the best Australian winemaker has to offer.

The train leaves Darwin, through the red outback to Adelaide.

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The Canadian, Canada

Get on board and prepare for a three-day trip from Vancouver to Toronto, across the magnificent mountains, prairies and lake landscapes. The days are spent with advantage in the glazed panoramic carriages and evenings in the well-equipped restaurant carriages.

Travel departs from Vancouver, across the magnificent mountains, prairies and lake landscapes, with the final destination of Toronto.


El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo, Spain

Imagine a five star hotel on rails. A Transcantabrico Gran Lujo takes you from Santiago de Compostela to San Sebastian in eight days in subtle luxury.

The trip gives you the opportunity to experience Spain’s landscape, gastronomy, culture and glamor.

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Golden Eagle, Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The Trans-Siberian railway is a fascinating journey but it is not directly known for its convenience. That’s why the Golden Eagle is so appealing. Two weeks from Moscow to Vladivostok in sumptuous luxury.

The lounge wagon offers a civilized way to get to know your fellow travelers with Russian caviar and champagne. The restaurant car offers haute cuisine and the compartments are extremely comfortable and well-decorated.

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