City of Angels: Standard, Downtown and Luxury Comforts of Los Angeles

City of Angels: Standard, Downtown and Luxury Comforts of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, the city of stars, angels and palm trees, is a place to explore with its huge face measurement and spaces opened every day. author İlker Topdemir whispers the latest tips on Los Angeles …

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    Hurray, winter is here! But where am I? Los Angeles! 12 months of the summer of the city of angels in the summer of energy never ends. Although the winter months at the moment the average temperature is 25 degrees. Although the city has been set up in such a large area, it is not possible to keep up with the speed of the newly opened spaces.

    Access to Los Angeles is now easier than ever. Turkish Airlines has flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco every day of the week. Moreover, the number of seats in the business class has increased to forty-nine in the new Boeing 777s, so you have more chance to travel more comfortably.



    Come on, hotels in town! Mr. C Beverly Hills The name of the famous Italian Cipriani family. The 137-room hotel is designed in a European style, with 4 villas suites for guests wishing to stay longer this year.

    As you can imagine the main restaurant is an Italian classic Cipriani. The hotel’s young and friendly Italian manager, Brando Joris, also offers advice on the city’s top attractions.


    The Rose Hotel Venice is located just 60 meters from the beach. Some rooms of the hotel with ten rooms are shared.

    This hotel is predominantly the choice of surfers and young people, so to speak, Venice Beach. If you prefer, I suggest you book your place in advance.


    The Standard Downtown has a Los Angeles, California-style building. The 207-room hotel has a rooftop swimming pool and a beer bar serving German cuisine with snacks.

    Although the surroundings of the hotel are still in development, there are many good restaurants and cafes in the vicinity.



    Let’s come to Los Angels ’ Verve Coffee, A new California brand in West Hollywood, is located on the famous Melrose Street. The café, which brews their coffee, is currently one of the most popular places. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts and friendly gatherings.



    Catch Los Angeles, Dubai and New York post opened in Los Angeles. Number one address for dinner. The restaurant, which has a large garden-like exterior, serves an international menu of international cuisine. Later in the evening, the bar, located right in the middle of the restaurant, is transformed into the Los Angeles fashion show. You have to book in advance to try the restaurant, where you can eat until late in the night.

    WP24, Wolfgang Puck’s Chinese restaurant. There are other Asian dishes on the menu. On the 24th floor of The Ritz-Carlton in the city center, it offers a breathtaking view.

    Dim sum, roasted duck, peppered beef, steamed rice, fresh fish and lobster grills. Although the prices are above average, it provides the right with its flavors, atmosphere and service.



    Tiki Ti Bar is a Hawaiian cocktail bar in Los Feliz, open since 1960. The decoration of this very small bar is also unusual. The cocktails are pretty tough, so let me warn you.

    You can only pay in cash at the bar I suggest you get to your list of visits.



    The Lincoln Cocktail Bar is on an old car repair garage on Lincoln Boulevard. The cocktail menu is worth trying. At night you can enter comfortably until 22:30, but there is a queue next door. Thursday is the most popular night of the week.


    The Hatchet Hall is an American restaurant, full of decor and a full California restaurant. The restaurant, which is quite large, is illuminated by candles; plates sharing, menu consists of healthy flavors. There is also a bar service. Los Angeles people’s meeting point is the right address if you want to make new friends.

    I suggest you rent a car or use a Uber in Los Angeles. Both were reasonably priced. In fact, if you prefer Uber’s Pool service, you share the car with people who are in the same direction and pay a much more affordable fee.

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