Europe hosts the most tourists in the world

Europe hosts the most tourists in the world

October 6, 2018 Off By admin

According to the data collected from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) data, a total of 1 billion 323 million tourists were registered in 2017.

Europe was ranked first with 671 million tourists, while the tourism cake had 51 percent. Europe followed the Asia Pacific with 324 million tourists, followed by America with 207 million, Africa with 63 million, and Middle East with 58 million.


Tourism, one of the most important branches of the economy, was also one of the most talked about topics in the media. The report also used the means of transportation for travel, while the airline was the first with 57 percent.

With 37 percent of the highway in the second ordinary, with 4 percent of the sea with the third ordinary, railways with 2 percent followed by the fourth ordinary. 55 percent of the reason why tourists travel for most of the fun and rest was recorded.

As a result of the data obtained, the country with the most tourism expenditures was seen as open China with 258 billion dollars. China followed with US $ 135 billion in tourism spending, followed by Germany with $ 84 billion, Britain with $ 63 billion, and France with $ 41 billion.

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