Explore in 5 minutes The City of Explorer Lisbon (Lisbon Guidebook)

Explore in 5 minutes The City of Explorer Lisbon (Lisbon Guidebook)

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Lisbon, sheltered on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most comfortable cities where people from different cultures live in peace. Brought to you by Brandlifemag.com editors.

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    The impact of the ocean is felt on all shores and corners, even on people in Lisbon; it is a city open to freedoms as it can be understood from the structure of the multicultural society. He feels this as soon as you step into the streets of the city; admires the synergy of people from different countries; You feel safe every time in Lisbon where you can live 24/7.



    The comfort of Lisbon is quite easy to discover thanks to the well-functioning public transport system. The old trams on the narrow streets of the city to visit the city, both very enjoyable and must be done in a Lisbon tradition. It is absolutely necessary to visit the city on foot to see the beautiful buildings on the streets even though the slopes are occasionally running.




  • One of Lisbon’s most tourist destinations, divided by the Tejo River, is the Praça do Comerçio Square, where the ships brought by the ships in colonial times were evacuated.



    Augusta, one of the most important streets of the city, is open to pedestrian traffic.



    One of the places you should visit while coming here is the Sao Domingos church, which is one of the rare buildings that still survive despite the 1755 earthquake and the 1959 fire. The church, which still remains in splendor despite its disrepair, is indeed one of the impressive structures of Lisbon.



    One of the things that you should do while in Lisbon is to go to Bairro Alto, where you can watch the city from the top. If you can make your time right and drop your way to this area in the evening, watch the Tejo River on the terrace of the Bairro Alto Hotel, where you can see one of the most amazing sunset views you can see.



    As many of you will know, one of Lisbon’s most notable works is Fado music. This is the place where Fado music was born from the symbols of the old town of Alfama. The narrow and labyrinthine streets of the region, including Sao Jorge Castle, which houses various archaeological ruins of the city, are the birthplace of the Fado, whose women have been lamented by lamentations followed by their husbands.

    You can relax with a cup of coffee in the cafes in the region and listen to street musicians. Speaking of music, if you are interested in nightlife, there are plenty of fun places to discover in Bairro Alto.

    In fact, there are a lot of things to see in Lisbon. So, what to do, to see this hidden beauty on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, turn your route into Lisbon once in your life.


    – Drink coffee in A Brasileira, one of the favorite places of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

    – Visit the Maritime Museum where you can follow step-by-step adventure of Portugal throughout the history.

    – To see the Belem Tower, which is under the protection of the UNESCO, just before the seafarers of Portugal.

    – Spend time in the Museum of Modern Art, which has a successful collection of contemporary art works from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.



    – To taste the delicious dishes made with seafood, which is the reflection of the Portuguese culture on the tables.

    – Do not return without eating the sweet Pastéis de Nata, which is a symbolic food of Lisbon and a special custard in the outside.


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