Finnish Lapland: Journey to the End of the Night

Finnish Lapland: Journey to the End of the Night

November 3, 2018 0 By admin


REPORT – Going on vacation in a country where the sun is visible only a few hours a day and where intense cold, the idea may seem absurd. However, Finnish Lapland in winter is a permanent miracle that it would be crazy to neglect.

To go to Finnish Lapland is to decide to spend a different holiday. It’s not going to Mauritius or the Seychelles … Oh, there are a few little bold originals who decide to go there in the summer to enjoy the greenery, and try to dialogue with mutant mosquitoes that haunt the country’s 188,000 lakes. But the man of taste, in search of thrills, will leave in winter. At the end of January, the day comes up after 9 am and goes to bed around 3 pm at most.

In February or March, you can win one or two hours of sunshine and a few degrees Celsius, but nothing very sensational: on average, it is between – 15 and – 30 ° C. With the technical clothes that exist today, nothing to whip a cat, provided there is no wind: if there is wind and we do not move, we die in a few minutes . It is a tonic, dry and nervous climate: the air is also the purest in Europe, and the few Japanese crossed with their usual hygienic masks are pitiful.

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