Free Interrail Tickets: 18 year olds can apply until December 11th

Free Interrail Tickets: 18 year olds can apply until December 11th

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The EU is giving away another 12,000 tickets for European travel – all EU citizens born in 2000 can apply by 11th December. Above all, young people who need assistance with rail travel, should apply.

All 18-year-old EU citizens can apply for one of 12,000 free tickets for a European trip next summer by December 11th. The European Commission launched the second round of the DiscoverEU program on Thursday.

All EU citizens born in 2000 can take part. To apply, they need to register on a website, provide their travel plans and answer five questions on Europe and the EU. On this basis winners are selected. These get tickets for train, ferry or bus as a gift, accommodation and food they have to pay. (Read here how to apply for a free Interrail ticket).

Already this summer, the commission awarded 15,000 tickets in a first round. More than 100,000 young people had applied. The program goes back to an idea of ​​activists to give each EU citizen an Interrail ticket for his or her 18th birthday, thus acquainting him or her with the continent and its cultures. Initially, however, DiscoverEU started with a budget of only twelve million euros, so that the selection process was necessary.

This time, the Commission particularly encouraged young people who are difficult to participate because they need help. She offered help and reimbursement, for example, for the travel expenses of an assistant or a guide dog. Travelers should report on their experiences as “ambassadors”, for example via social media or at lectures in their school.

In the years 2021 to 2027, the program is to be extended. During this time, 1.5 million tickets for young Europeans could be financed for about 700 million euros. However, this proposal of the EU Commission in the planned long-term financial framework still requires the approval of the EU member states and the European Parliament.


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