Top Travelling Places for Literature Lovers – Literature Tours

Top Travelling Places for Literature Lovers – Literature Tours

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There are books that mark us and also destinations that are marked by literature. In search of the life of a writer or following in the footsteps of a famous character, many travelers travel around cities of the world to the rhythm of stories, novels and authors. Here a brief selection of places.

1. Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

The old walled city, with its buildings of the early seventeenth century, the Plaza de los Coches and the charm of its buildings with colorful walls is much of what is sought by those who arrive in Cartagena de Indias, in Colombia.

The lovers of Gabriel García Márquez, however, will go in search of the places that appear in “Of the love and other demons” and “The love in the times of the cholera”, the two novels acclimated in this city.

Streets of Cartagena, Colombia

To know the house of Fermina Daza, the lover of Florentino Ariza in “El amor …”, the traveler must go to the Plaza de Fernández in Madrid and find the house of Don Benito. The protagonist of the novel used to walk in the direction of a palace, which coincides with that of the Inquisition, in Plaza Bolívar.

Fans of “Del amor …” should go to the Convention Center. There begins the story, when a maid is bitten by a rabid dog.

In the city, there are several tours to discover the corners of Gabo, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, to which can be added classical tours for its Aracataca people.

2. Edinburgh (Scotland)

The city of Scotland is synonymous with castles and Harry Potter. The first stop of many of the tours is, precisely, The Elephant House. The bar, located at 21 George IV Bridge, is distinguished by its red facade and for being the place where a young J. K. Rowling wrote the first stories of the young wizard.

The castle of Edinburgh.

The itinerary can continue in the cemetery of Greyfriars, where there are several people buried with the last name Potter. Nearby is George Heriots School, a Gothic construction that could have inspired Hogwarts.

Diagon Alley and Victoria Street are other places related to the successful saga, along with the residence castle of the Duke of Northumberland.

3. La Mancha (Spain)

“In a place in La Mancha, whose name I do not want to remember, there has not been a long time that lived a hidalgo of the spear in shipyard, old buckler, skinny horse and galgo corridor …”.

This is how the novel by Miguel de Cervantes begins, the most famous written in Spanish, published between 1605 and 1615. And today many visitors follow the tourist route organized around the work.

Campo de Criptana. Castilla, Spain

Some milestones along the way: the municipality of Campo de Criptana (from the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha) and the famous windmills, the town of El Toboso where Dulcinea lived and the Cervantes Museum

The area is a producer of wines from the region, so the talks will be accompanied by tastings and toasts.

4. Paris (France)

Paris may be the city of Julio Cortázar, the author of “Rayuela”, but also of Honoré de Balzac, Víctor Hugo or Stendhal, to name a few writers who lived or had the city as the scene of their works.

The headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Paris proposes a Cortezarian route, which includes the last residence of rue Martel, the Old Navy Café and the Montsouris Park. In this last place, the characters of La Maga and Horacio Oliveira sacrificed an old umbrella, it is told in “Rayuela”.

You also have to reach the Pont Neuf.

The end of the route is in Montparnasse Cemetery at 3 Boulevard Edgar Quinet. There are the remains of Cortázar and his wife Carol Dunlop. Travelers from all over the world leave flowers, pencils and thank you letters.

5. Saint Petersburg (Russia)

It is a must-see destination of Russia together with Moscow. Its monuments and the Hermitage Museum amply justify a visit.

Lovers of Russian literature can organize a tour of Dostoevsky’s hand, which showed a city far from imperial grandeur in his novel “Crime and Punishment.”

Literary tours. Dostoevsky Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia

As a starting point you can visit the Dostoevsky House Museum (Kuznechny Lane 5/2), where the writer lived the last years and where he wrote “The Brothers Karamazov”.

You also have to go through the house of the old moneylender who is killed by the protagonist of “Crime …” Rodion Raskolnikov (channel Griboyedov 67) and the Voznesensky bridge where the official Marmeládov dies.

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