Giresun Tamzara with 1 million pounds project !

Giresun Tamzara with 1 million pounds project !

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It gives visitors Anatolian culture Giresun Şebinkarahisar district Tamzara NeighborhoodLiving with Tourism” project aims to get more share from tourism.

Located on the route that connects the Black Sea to Central Anatolia, Tamzara has managed to carry the Anatolian culture to the present day. Tamzara District, restored homes, local fabric, air and cultural texture of people away from the city life.

It is aimed to develop tourism with the project esi Living with Tourism (, which is accepted by the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) in the neighborhood, which is among the regions visited by tour companies.

Tamer Uzuner, Giresun Tourism Infrastructure Service Union Director, told AA correspondent, Tamzara neighborhood is a valuable heritage of Ottoman culture, he said.

Protected by the historical mansions, centuries-old Tamzara weaving and the fresh air of the neighborhood, which points out that the popular in recent years, pointing to a long, Tamzara’nın Sivas-Giresun road on a significant geographical point in the place, he said.

Uzuner stated that they have made promotional activities by directing the travel agencies that have made cultural tours for the last 3 years and that Tamzara was added to the tour route by the agencies.

Tourists visited the Anatolian culture in Tamzara attracted the attention of the Uzuner, “here is a growing and folding tourism trend. Şebinkarahisar, a door that opens the Black Sea to Central Anatolia, this door is located immediately at the entrance of Tamzara. culture is a point. said.


Uzuner, Şebinkarahisar Municipality prepared with the “Living Tamzara with tourism project”, noted by DOKA, “nearly 600 thousand pounds was entitled to receive grants. the subject, a total of 1 million pounds with the side of the tourism project will be implemented, “he said.

Stating that they will establish a root dye and weaving workshop in the project, Uzuner said, dokuma We know that 150 years ago the yarns in the district were dyed and woven with the root dyes of the yarns obtained from the wool of the sheep.

Tamer Uzuner, the shop owners in the neighborhood of the project for the use of donations by drawing attention, this also shows the richness of the warmth and hearts of Tamzara people said.

Local products will be sold in the shops that transfers Uzuner, said:

“Milk products workshop will be established, milk products will be produced at the point where people see it. We want to make cheese on the cubes, there will be a field of 1-acre cube cheese in May. the mineral water and weaving gift will reach your address in the cheese ”


Uzuner, Tamzara 100 meters outside of the work will be done at the Silvihan pond, said that tourists from time to spend time here, will be provided.

Information about the project started with Tamzara ecological market at the moment, 25 families of the products produced in homes, he said.

Uzuner, Şebinkarahisar Municipality and Şebinkarahisar With the support of the Ankara Foundation, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization started the measurement of the Mobile Air Measurement Instrument and emphasized that Tamzara’s mood was very good in the measurements made at the moment.

In the past, Amasya, who suffered from asthma problems, special trainers came to Tamzara for treatment with tulips noted that Tamer Uzuner, in the name of health tourism Tamzara’ta also said that they will do work.

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