Golf at Beautiful Atlantic Coast Biarritz France

Golf at Beautiful Atlantic Coast Biarritz France

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Biarritz located on the Bay of Biscay, at the Atlantic coast, in southwestern France. It is next to Bayonne and Anglet and 11 miles (18 km) neighbor from the border-line with Spain.

Golf at Biarritz

Biarritz has been for many years one of the favorite destinations for the well-off French, and even European classes, to spend a few days of rest. Ever since the Empress Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III, made this destination fashionable in 1854 and had her famous Hôtel du Palais built, artists, aristocrats and well-off families have passed through this luxurious palace. In the second half of the 20th century, this spa, wedged between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic, reached worldwide fame thanks to a sport like surfing that attracted sportsmen from all over the world to its shores.

Biarritz, and its surroundings, has long been the main golf destination in France
This prestigious and elegant seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, which gained notoriety in the 19th century after the Empress Eugenia’s stay, has managed to retain all its charm over time. A wild coast, full of rocks sculpted by the force of the waves; splendid buildings and villas of eclectic architecture, ranging from Art nouveau to neo-Basque through art-deco and baroque; long beaches of fine sand, ideal for resting or practicing different activities … such as surfing, bodyboarding, scuba diving and swimming; land sports, such as tennis, hiking, horse riding and Basque pelota or golf.

Golf Destination

Biarritz is a land of golf, the region has sublime routes, magnificent greens at the edge of the cliff, with panoramic views that leave you breathless, that sink into the ocean, in the forest of the Landes, tours adapted for a prestigious golf .

Because Biarritz, and its surroundings, has long been France’s main golf destination. In this sense, since 2014 there is a development and promotion plan for golf tourism, which was renewed at the end of 2017, in which regional and local tourism organizations work side by side with entrepreneurs in the sector and with the main golf courses of the area to put in value one of the main attractions of this area of ​​southern France: golf.

The oldest golf course on the European continent

From Biarritz to Moliets, from San Juan de Luz to Pau, not only in the Basque Country but also in the Landes or Bearn, there are 16 high-level golf courses in less than a radius of 100 km. For example, Pau Golf Club, the oldest golf course in continental Europe was built in 1856 in Billère, just over 100 km away. of Biarritz.

Pau Golf Club, the oldest golf course in continental Europe was built in 1856 – Biarritz City Center

The first vestiges of the practice of this sport, go back beyond its foundation in 1856. After the Napoleonic campaigns and the battle of Orthez in February 1814, regiments of the army of Wellington settled in Pau. It is reported that among the officers, two of them, of Scottish origin, never separated from their golf equipment and looked for all the good opportunities to practice their favorite sport. In the course of their walks they were amazed at the imminent beauty of the Billère plain, which bounded with the entrances of Pau, with a stream and with the mountains of the Pyrenees; then they thought, that a creation like that would lend itself admirably to the game of golf; plus a concise analysis of the field showed that they were in an old water flow with a very permeable bedrock, free of mud, which met all the conditions required for golf: a beautiful meadow, beautiful decor and water abundance.

It was so that the next day, the inhabitants of the surroundings could observe those characters who beat incessantly a small white bullet with the help of wooden crosses with a very strange shape.
Twenty years later, the Scots themselves wanted to revive their memories of youth coming as tourists, accompanied by some friends and of course their golf equipment. Little by little, a whole English colony came to settle in Pau, which should mark that time through its customs and traditional sports, such as: horseback riding, hunting, Pyrenees, and undoubtedly, golf.

All this golfing tradition, together with the gastronomic excellence of this French region, its historical heritage and its know-how in hospitality make Biarritz Destino Golf an insurmountable initiative for lovers of this sport who also seek to complete the stay with a good gastronomy and a great cultural offer.

The beaches are excellent and this is a major surf resort. The main beach, Grand Plage, gets very crowded, but there is also a long surfers’ beach on the Boulevard du Prince de Galles, called Cote de Basque, that has almost no sand at high tide, but is superb at low tide. The surf beaches at Anglet are easily accessible by bus, and surfboards that aren’t too big are allowed on the local buses in the summer at least. There is a small beach by the Esplanade du Porte Vieux that is good for swimming when the surfer’s beach is closed.

What to do at Biarritz

There are several thalasso-therapy centers, with sea water, seaweed and related treatments.

  • Thermes Marins

, Rue de Madrid. Offer a reasonable half-day pass for € 17, including use of warm sea water pools, sauna, and steam room. The sauna is rather worn, but serviceable.


  • Chiberta, 104 Blvd des Plages, ☎ +33 5 59525110, [website].
  • Rugby
  • Biarritz Olympique

Plays rugby union (15 a side) in the French Top 14 competition, and is also a regular competitor in the Europe-wide Heineken Cup (referred to as “H Cup” in France due to restrictions on alcohol advertising). BO play most of their home games at the Parc des Sports Aguiléra in town, but will take an occasional home match across the Spanish border to Estadio Anoeta in Donostia-San Sebastián. Ticket information is available website

(French only).

There is a large aquarium and a tourist land-train

  • Nature Sport Activities,

Where to Stay at Biarritz


  • Surf Hostel Biarritz

[website] Ave de Migron, Tel. +33 05 59 22 55 70. Surfer accommodation with bed + breakfast + bike + board all incl. €36.

  • Hostel Biarritz

(Hostelling International) [website], 8 Rue Chiquito de Cambo, Tel. +33-5-5941-7600. A bit out of the way.


  • Hôtel Atalaye

, 6 rue des Goélands,, [website]. All en-suite hotel, the best rooms (including a few tiny singles) have small balconies and face the place and sea. Singles € 35-€ 50, Doubles € 42-€ 70, Triples € 55-€ 84.

  • Hôtel Gardénia, 19 av Carnot,, [website]

. Two-star, old-fashioned and quiet hotel with a mix of rooms, not all with their own bathrooms. Singles € 33-€ 57, Twins € 49-€ 59, Triples € 51-€ 63.

  • Hôtel Maïtagaria

, 34 av Carnot,, [website]. Mostly smart rooms in a quiet location, with back garden. Doubles € 47-€ 64, Triples € 74-€ 80.

  • Hostellerie Victoria

, 12 av de la Reine Victoria, More expensive hotel in a Neo-Gothic mansion, huge rooms equipped with comfortable beds and iron bathtubs.

  • Hôtel du Palais

, 1 Avenue de l’Impératrice, [website]. Sits on a cliff overlooking pristine sands just steps from the town centre of Biarritz. The hotel offers 30 luxurious suites and 123 bedrooms, two fine dining restaurants, including Michelin-starred Villa Eugénie and a luxury Spa centre.

Rue de la Marne. Rent bike and surfboards. Surfschool, pelote basqua, rafting, sea kayaking, wave ski

Where to eat at Biarritz

  • Aux Alizés

– La Table Basque, 4 av de Marne, Tel: 05 59 22 23 52. Has a very good and Basque-influenced carte and proper 3-course menus at Euro 17 and 22. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Many of the more tourist-orientated places have quite poor prix fixe menus.

  • Pizzeria des Arceaux

, 20-24 avenue Édouard-VII, Tel: 05 59 24 11 47. Pizzas all seem to be either Euro 9,80 or 9,90. An odd pricing scheme, yet the pizzas are very good, as is the fish and the large desserts. Closed Monday.






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