In Venice vacationers can do a lot wrong

In Venice vacationers can do a lot wrong

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There are travel destinations, as a vacationer you can not really do anything right, but you can go wrong. Venice for high season is such a place. In order to get a grip on mass tourism, the Venetians have set up rules of behavior that tourists should follow.

This not-to-do list is getting longer every year, so that as a stranger, hardly on the Grand Canal out of the vaporetto, would have to first take a breather to work through the more than 80 paragraphs of the police regulations. So sit down somewhere, on the next best steps maybe.

But beware, unfortunately already in the first stumbling trap. It is forbidden to sit on the steps of sights. Or at the pier. On St. Mark’s Square. In the colonnades. There order guards scurry away (with submachine gun) seat tourists like blowflies.

Even too long pauses in Venice prohibited

So on, one gelato get and stroll through the streets. scusi, Eating while walking is also prohibited. The city administration is now planning to extend the ban on seats to all public places.

So is only standing around allowed? If you take it exactly, not everywhere: too long pauses on the bridges, for example, are already prohibited. It is not drowned! In Venice it is easy to do everything wrong.

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... and today. After a long dispute after all, the cruise ships should soon not be allowed to drive up here

Or do you want to force the tourists only to the coffee tables with this general ban on sitting, dining, standing and junk? A tourist recently got sick of standing in St. Mark’s Square, sat down on a cafe chair, ordered two water and two espressos – and paid 43 euros.

One family was cut nine euros for a glass of milk for a three-year-old. After all, they behaved compliant. Because: The “consumption of drinks in the streets outside the table areas in front of bars and restaurants” is after 19 clock, how can it be otherwise prohibited. But the visitors were always swept over the table.

Strict rules for vacationers also in Florence and Rome

In other cities, the tourist life is complicated. A pizza to take away in Florence? In the old town, street food is forbidden at lunchtime and in the evening.

This has been true for a long time in Rome; Here is also the nightlife überreglementiert: Prosecco in the park? Alcohol from glass bottles is prohibited after 10pm in public. Curiously, canned beer remains allowed, but only one hour longer, until 11pm. Then it’s funny.

Since the Romans have probably learned from the manners of the beachcombing Playa de Palma on Majorca. Alcohol is also not allowed on the street – and even free drinks in all-inclusive hotels could soon be banned.

In otherwise regular Venice, parties are okay. Alcohol is only prohibited there “for no good reason”.

Mallorca introduces upper limit for tourists

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More than ten million tourists visited Mallorca in 2017. Almost half of them came from Germany. For the inhabitants of the island, this is becoming an ever greater burden: they complain about rising rents, noise, garbage and bad manners.

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