Jamaica, The Country of Reggae

Jamaica, The Country of Reggae

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Jamaica is a meeting point between African, Asian, European and even Middle Eastern cultures. It is a fantastic tourist destination with white sand coves, rugged mountains, cliffs, caves and even tropical waterfalls. But it is also the country of reggae and the Rastafarians.

It is a truly paradisiacal island, located in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean Sea, famous for its beaches, its culture, its tropical climate and its music, a music that fills the streets, with its own style and that has inspired artists from all over the world. world.

Jamaica, famous for its beaches, tropical climate and music, music that fills the streets

To know more about its origin we will make a tour of the most emblematic places in the country of reggae.


For all those who want to know the cradle of reggae, they should visit Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

This city has many attractions, such as the Bob Marley Museum, the National Gallery and the Devon House, whose construction, carried out at the end of the 19th century, was in charge of the first Caribbean black millionaire.

Other essential places to visit are the Hope Botanical Gardens, right in the center of the city; Spanish Town, traditional neighborhood of the city; and Port Royal, full of stories of pirates of the seventeenth century.

The capital of Jamaica, was founded in 1692 after the destruction of Port Royal because of an earthquake, is now the seat of government of Jamaica and the economic capital of the island. From the tourist point of view it is very interesting its wide cultural, educational and leisure offer, it is where more museums, events and restaurants of the whole island are concentrated.

In Kingston you can do everything. From touring a historic mansion like Devon House or visiting the National Gallery, with the best of local art … to attending a performance at the Little Theater or exploring the largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean (Hope Gardens, Coconut Museum or Sunken Gardens) and the beautiful Blue Mountains.

In Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is the Bob Marley Museum

But let’s not forget that in the ghetto of Trench Town, in Kingston, reggae was born, which is why the Bob Marley Museum is a must, the universal myth of these Jamaican rhythms. It is the most visited site in Jamaica

This museum was opened in 1986, it was the former residence and recording studio of Bob Marley in Kingston. At present, it is one of the most visited attractions in the city; has the mural ‘The journey of the super star Bob Marley’ (The Journey of Bob Marley Superstar), made by the painter Everald Brown, and has the best collection of memories of the life and career of the great star of reggae.

Trench Town Culture Yard: It was the old house of Bob Marley and his friend Vicente “Tata” Ford. The Trench Town Cultural Garden has been declared a Tourism Heritage Site by the Jamaica National Heritage Fund. The Trench Town Culture Yard is managed by a board of directors.

Devon House: This colonial house was built in 1881 by George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire. Today, it is a national monument with guided tours that allow access to the historical past of this white palace of two floors of Georgian style. It contains one of the best collections of mahogany furniture in the world. Devon House is also famous for its ice cream: National Geographic chose this residence as the fourth best place in the world to savor ice cream.

National Gallery of Jamaica: Jamaica is the birthplace of great artists who carry an intuitive and traditional artistic vision. The National Gallery of Jamaica is home to the most important collection of Jamaican art, from Taíno artifacts and Spanish and British colonial art to contemporary works.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay, located to the north of the island, is characterized by its beautiful beaches, coral reefs and dazzling aquamarine lagoons. During the tour it is possible to come across interesting places, such as the Bob Marley Experience, which is a tribute to the unforgettable Jamaican singer; and Croydon in the Mountains, plantation where Samuel Sharpe was born, the slave turned into a hero.

Montego Bay, located to the north of the island, is characterized by its beautiful beaches, coral reefs …

The busiest beach on the island is Doctor’s Cave Beach. Other recommended places to visit are Rose Hall, Falmouth and the Marine Park.

Montego Bay is one of the main cities in Jamaica where the most important airport in the country is located. It is not an excessively large city, but it offers many alternatives to all who visit it.


For example, in the Autonomous Rastafarian Village you can experience the culture, language, music, clothing, spirit and lifestyle of the Rastafarians of Jamaica that includes the ecological and self-sustainable habits of the Rastafarian people. The visit to the village is interactive and includes a tour of the gardens of medicinal herbs, spaces dedicated to art and crafts and a musical experience through the rhythms of percussion and ancient songs.

In addition, the Cultural Center of Montego Bay, which is one of the last tourist attractions added to the wide range of tourist activities, is located in the heart of the historic Sam Sharpe Square, houses a museum and an art gallery, both western branches from the National Museum of Jamaica and the National Art Gallery of Kingston.

The Center opened its doors in 2014 and has an information screen displaying the history and complete chronology of Jamaica, as well as artifacts from the Taino era, to the period of slavery and the postmodern period of Jamaica.


According to its history, Negril is a city that has been founded by hippies and that, at present, is the ideal place to enjoy the beaches and enjoy the relaxation provided by the beautiful view of the landscape. It has an important nightlife, with numerous bars and restaurants that offer a unique proposal for the visitor. Here, you will find the lighthouse and Seven Mile Beach, you can also participate in the rides to Rhode Hall Plantation.

Negril is synonymous with party and relaxation, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is famous for its busy nightlife and is that reggae rhythms are a constant in the gambling dens of the city.

Negril is the ideal place to enjoy the beaches and enjoy the relaxation provided by the beautiful view of the landscape

Some of the most prominent sites to visit in Negril are its coral rock cliffs, the colorful handicraft market next to Norman Manley Boulevard, the Negril lighthouse and the Royal Palm reserve.

Eight rivers

Ocho Rios is a port city that concentrates a large part of tourism. Among its attractions are the Mausoleum of Bob Marley, the Columbus Park Museum, the Dunn River Falls, Firefly and the Green Grotto Caves …

This city in northern Jamaica is the dream of shopping lovers. Here the traveler will find from luxury shopping centers to traditional shops in which to find fascinating souvenirs.

However, it is also the paradise of those who love to do ecotourism on their vacations. In this Jamaican region, nature is exuberant and pure. It has spectacular waterfalls such as Dunn’s River Falls that form gentle pools between the rocks and invite a refreshing dip. It also has parks where the beauty of nature reaches its maximum splendor as is the case of Shaw Park or Cobaya Park.

In Mystic Mountain you will find the perfect mix between bucolic forests and adventure in a kind of amusement park with nature as a backdrop where you can find zip lines, chairlifts and sleds to enjoy the wonderful scenery and the spectacular sea views.

In Ocho Rios a must visit is also Dolphin Cove, where these nice animals live and others like blankets and sharks. The visit to this space allows you to interact with the dolphins and take a bath with them.

And finally, … Bob Marley, the most illustrious and universal Jamaican

In Nine Miles you will find the mausoleum house of Bob Marley. It is a pilgrimage point for thousands of fans who aspire to know where he was born and created several of his great works. The result of an interracial couple, Marley had to suffer discrimination due to his “café con leche” appearance; However, he managed to mark several generations with his expressions.

In this place, every February 6, the date of his birth, he is honored with a great recital. The tour of his two small houses, rooms, the marble tombs of his mother and him – buried with his Gibson guitar, and a Bible – and the patio with the stone (The pillow), is compulsorily done with a guide.

Ocho Rios, port city where the Mausoleum of Bob Marley is located

At age 12 the singer moved to Kingston, at 56 Hope Road, where the Bob Marley Museum is located.

On the property acquired in 1975 and transformed into a museum by his wife Rita five years after his death.

The first room is the studio where everything happened. There he rehearsed his band The Wailers and the Tuff Gong label worked. Upstairs, the upper floor leads to the memory of your daily life: the kitchen preserves the original crockery and artifacts, and in the room two rehearsal guitars.


Throughout the walls of the house there are numerous pieces of collection, such as the dashiki (a garment) and the shorts with which he played football. There is also The shot room, the room that keeps the bullet holes and the newspaper clippings that relate the attack of December 3, 1976.

The reggae lion said, ‘They will say that I am an illusion, but my music is forever’. And in this way he sowed letters of love and harmony, seeds of an indelible memory.





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