Lonely Planet 2019 destinations list

Lonely Planet 2019 destinations list

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VIDEO – Where will we go in 2019? Answers in the list of destinations delivered each fall by Lonely Planet. The experts in this traveler’s Bible have just returned their copy in four chapters: the least expensive countries, cities, regions, and regions. And the winners are: Sri Lanka, Copenhagen, Italian Piedmont and the south of the Egyptian Nile Valley.

It’s set like music paper. Every fall, globe-trotters hold their breath as the annual charts of destinations are released to (re) explore the following year. Established by the experts of Lonely Planet, the traveler’s Bible, this classification is divided into four categories: countries, cities, regions on the brink of the tourist scene and the least expensive regions, at least those where it is necessary rush as long as they are affordable.

Sao Tome and Principe, two little-known African islands.
Sao Tome and Principe, two little-known African islands. ERIC MARTIN / The Figaro Magazine

To each category, its top 10. Let’s say it immediately, France, yet champion of tourism in number of visitors, nowhere in the lead, not even in second or third position. The Hexagon makes only a brief appearance, with Normandy in 9th place of the “regions which are about to shine”. It is true that two events will attract the crowds in the spring of 2019: the famous Grande Armada of Rouen, this parade of old elements on the Seine and, especially, the 75th anniversary of the D-Day, highlighted as it should by Lonely Planet. This reference guide is American.

Italian Piedmont, regional champion

Region number 1 is Italian Piedmont. In highlight: Turin, its capital, for contemporary art and electronic music, hiking trails in the Alps (and why not ski in winter?), Wines and white truffle. The Catskills in the US, New York State, and Northern Peru complete the podium. The latter because tourism infrastructures are finally developing there. The Catskills region is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock in August 2019. Certainly “The” rendez-vous not to be missed for baba cool from around the world …

Number 1, Sri Lanka is back on the tourist scene
Number 1, Sri Lanka is back on the tourist scene JEAN MICHEL TURPIN / The Figaro Magazine

The Red Center of Australia, the Scottish Highlands and Islands, the Russian Far East (the dynamic Vladivostock in focus), Gujarat in India, Manitoba in Canada, Normandy and the Valley of the Elqui in Chile complete the ranking of regions.

The Best of the cheapest destinations is as follows: the south of the Nile Valley in Egypt, ie the visit (again possible) of ancient sites; Lodz, Polish postindustrial city undergoing a transformation; Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in the eastern US, between North Carolina and Tennessee; the Maldives, not in luxury hotels but in small pensions run by locals; Houston from where was guided the first moon landing, 50 years already in July 2019; Argentina which refunds the 21% of VAT to those who pay their stay by credit card; Bangladesh, little known and very cheap. Finally, Albania, Ecuador and Slovenia.

Copenhagen, queen of the citybreak

Belize and its exceptional marine environment
Belize and its exceptional marine environment RUBEN CASAS OCHE / The Figaro Magazine

In the ranking of cities, hipness, dynamism and youth are in the spotlight. The prize goes back, without much surprise, to Copenhagen, queen of design and ecology. The Danish capital is ahead of the Chinese Shenzhen, presented as the “most innovative city of China, the Silicon Valley of the country”, and the Serbian Novi Sad. This one, excuse of the little one, prepares to cumulate two European titles in two years, that of capital of Youth in 2019 then of Culture in 2021.

In the movement of design, contemporary art and new technologies, we also find Miami in number 4, Mexico City (world capital of design 2018) in 6 and Seattle in 8. On the other hand, it is for their history and their thousand-year-old treasures that Kathmandu ( Nepal), Zadar (Croatia) and Meknes (Morocco), respectively 5th, 9th and 10th have hung this top 10 city dweller. There is also Dakar, in 7th position. Long ignored by tourists, the capital of Senegal has decided to catch up. First step: its brand new international airport. That’s why Lonely Planet decided to integrate the big African city in its ranking.

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Sri Lanka, country number 1

In Normandy, the Grande Armada of Rouen.
In Normandy, the Grande Armada of Rouen. François BOUCHON / Le Figaro

Finally, here is the flagship list, that of countries. Third-party winner: Sri Lanka, who “comes back from decades of civil war”; Germany “high place of innovation”, which will celebrate in 2019 the centenary of the Bauhaus, where the invention of modernism in architecture. And Zimbabwe, “one of Africa’s safest countries”.

Next, in order of appearance, Panama, whose capital, Panama City prepares to celebrate its 500th anniversary; Kyrgyzstan, a newcomer to the tourist scene with “more than 2,700 newly marked trek routes”; Jordan for its Jordan Trail, an XXL hike of 650 km and 42 days (the Lonely Planet experts are decidedly walkers).

Let’s continue with the huge (over 17,000 islands) and multi-cultural Indonesia; Belorussia “discreetly trend through visas easier to obtain” (it will host the 2019 European Games); Sao Tome and Principe, “a country few people have ever heard of”, composed, for the record, of two African islands in the Gulf of Guinea. And finally, Belize and its exceptional marine environment: the second largest barrier reef in the world is here.

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