Meridiano V, the railway district of La Plata where culture beats

Meridiano V, the railway district of La Plata where culture beats

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Meridiano V – public space of The Silver

The spring sun increases its radiance and the linden perfume explodes in the public space of The Silver. It leaves a soft fragrance on every street, diagonal and avenue and feels more intense in the 23 green lungs of the grid layout. Towards the south of the city, where the nostalgia and the hope of the Neighborhood Meridiano V, the air incorporates an aroma that smells of other times. The memory of the arrival of the train to the Provincial Station, the expected moment that the neighbors conceived as the biggest event of their routines, is still clearly preserved.

71 Street at the height of the Provincial Station of La Plata.

That era longed to begin to glimpse in 1910 with the rating of the railroad from La Plata to Meridiano V, the straight line that marks the boundary between the provinces of Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Although the locomotive then only hauled freight cars to the tip of rails in the Mirapampa area, the neighbors did not hesitate to rush to the station each time the sharp whistle of the steam engine pierced the serene semi-rural atmosphere.

In 1912 the passenger branch began to run and the platform became, punctually every 55 minutes, a joyous pilgrimage, in which the restless silhouettes of the curious merged with travelers about to depart, clinging to their luggage. With them, the relatives stretched the farewell at the foot of the stirrup to the order of departure, invariably announced by the guard with a stern gesture.

Guided tour of the Provincial Station, in the Meridiano V neighborhood of La Plata.

The outline of full happiness that was lit in La Plata around the Provincial seemed to accompany the journey of the train to replicate successively in each town, each station raised to the ends of the humid Pampas. In 1961, the deactivation of the passenger branch fell as a first thrust to the illusion of progress installed in the imaginary of the employees of the Provincial and the settlers settled around the station. However, they would not lower their arms: the 42-day strike decided by the railway workers would cement the neighbors’ unwavering sense of belonging to their place.

Provincial Station of La Plata.

The neighborhood identity was the support of the struggle for the recovery of the train in the 60s and resurged strengthened in 1977, the fateful date of the closing of the cargo branch.

One of the rooms of the Provincial Station of La Plata, transformed into a museum.

Two decades later, in 1996, it was the neighbors themselves who were in charge of weeding the surroundings of the platform, refloating the station building -a French-style relic that looked discolored where it was approached and about to collapse due to abandonment- and revalue this area of ​​cobblestone streets, low houses and lanterns with tango reminiscences. The lights came on again, trails surfaced under the yuyales to be transported again and the railway terminal reopened its doors as a space of incense through culture.

Railroad from La Plata to Meridiano V, the parallel that marks the boundary of the province of Buenos Aires with La Pampa.

Resigned to the definitive disappearance of the train, the neighbors are transformed every weekend into the hosts of tourists to share the spectacle of aerial acrobats, circus artists, dancers, murgas or percussion groups on the wide open-air cobblestone stage. that suggests the crossing of the streets 17 and 71. The collective joy returns to appear in the faces of the public and their animators. Some prefer to spy the scene, drink in hand, from the tables of The Fifth Meridian, Old City, Mirapampa, Thousand 9 Eleven, The Express, K-Pocha and Empire, some of the bars that keep alive the memory of the most splendid past of Meridian V.

Barrio Meridiano V, in front of the Provincial Station of La Plata.

The program with free admission announced for Saturday, October 27 at the Cultural Center of the station starts at 15 with a Vocal Technique workshop and continues at 16 with storytellers, board games and bartering books at the Popular Library El Faldon . At 17, the Calle 46 company of the Sarmiento Association will present the contemporary dance show “Wanza”, at 18 it will start “Viajeros del tiempo” -a dramatized tour that will guide Ariel Fernández- and, starting at 21, the public You can enjoy the play “Encuentro de Guayaquil”, winning work of the Municipal Comedy 2018.

While the Provincial Station Cultural Center finishes shaping the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the recovery of this essential corner in the memory and the hearts of the neighbors, the guide Candela Arrieta alternates her short steps with long stops to put her eyes well open on the gates of the cultural centers Old Warehouse El Obrero, La Grieta and Galpón de las Artes and look out on the community theater space Okupas del Andén. She lives in the west of La Plata, but recognizes that each day this changing city reserves corners to discover, as a place designed for tourists who have just disembarked and rush to capture even the least relevant detail.

In one of the rooms recovered from the station, Beatriz Bello and Elsa Pereyra found in the sale of fried cakes and cakes the most appropriate excuse to return to settle in their second home. With more than 80 years of age they present themselves as wives, daughters, granddaughters, nieces and sisters of railway employees. The train and the station make up an essential chapter of their lives. They themselves fulfilled administrative tasks in the Provincial, even until the most painful day. The look of Beatriz Bello, crosses the street to be nailed in the path of opposite, where it seems to recover the old building of the Ocampo hotel and the stores of general branches of Meridiano V, when the authority of the pawned word was such that the changarines paid Your purchases are reliable with your crops.

Perhaps it was this tradition of solidarity ties that impelled her to join the project to reactivate her neighborhood with Lidia Sampayo, the promoter of the Neighborhood Provincial Station Association.

Street artists in the Meridiano V neighborhood of La Plata.

Elsa interrupts the story of her beloved friend and neighbor to warn that her memory has just transported her slowly – in the manner of the narrow gauge train that was advancing without hurry on the flat horizon – to a multitudinous moving picture of passengers, neighbors, locomotives and wagons “I think I saw the train again at 8 o’clock at night with its elegant dining car.”

That party, simple and familiar, that Elsa’s retinas reproduce with amazing fidelity, today reconvenes locals and visitors, wrapped in other colors, other voices and the echo of distant resonances.

Imperdible Plaza Moreno, where the city was born in 1882 Like all the tourist routes of La Plata, the Meridiano V circuit starts at Plaza Moreno (at Av 13 between 50 and 54), the heart of the foundational axis of the city . With its trace of paths, tiles and green spaces in a grid format, this refreshing walk of 8 ha replicates the plan of the city, which includes 23 parks and squares every six blocks, the diagonal lines 73 and 74 and medium and short diagonals. From the center of the square, where the foundation stone was laid, the neo-Gothic facade of the Cathedral is visible in the foreground, covered with exposed brick and ogival windows and topped by the bell tower and the tower of Jesus, a viewpoint of the city from 63 m in height. On the opposite side, the neo-Renaissance lines of the Municipal Palace can be seen. On one side of the square you can visit, with free admission, the Dardo Rocha Museum.


How to get.

From Buenos Aires to the Meridiano V neighborhood, it is 60 kilometers along the Autopista a La Plata highway; two tolls, $ 50. In La Plata follow route 11 until the first roundabout and diagonal 74 to Plaza Alsina; turn ten blocks to the left on Avenue 19 to 71 Street.

Micro Plaza or Mission Buenos Aires from Retiro, Once or Constitución to La Plata, $ 82.90 for highway and $ 56 for Camino Centenario; Micro Coastal Metropolitan from Retiro, $ 83.70 per highway and $ 55.90 per Centennial Road.

Combi La Plata Vip from av. July 9 and av. Santa Fe to La Plata, $ 95 one way (

Roca Train from Constitución, $ 16 one way; with SUBE, $ 8.

Radio Taxi La Plata for four passengers from the La Plata Bus Terminal to the Meridiano V neighborhood, approximately $ 165 (0221- 422-0909). From the Terminal also arrives the micro 338 (Transportes Automotores La Plata): $ 16.80; down the street 3, the collective 46 East; by avenue 7, line 273 Union Platense.

Where to stay

Hotel La Plata:

double room with breakfast, wi-fi and cable TV, $ 1,650; triple, $ 2,050; department for 4 people, $ 2,800; garage, $ 300 car and $ 450 van (

Hotel Benevento: double room with breakfast, wi-fi and cable TV, $ 1,985; triple, $ 2,425; quadruple, $ 2,870; double Junior suite, $ 2,425; Presidential suite, $ 2,870; garage, $ 250 (

Apart Hotel Via 51:


for two people with breakfast, wi-fi, cable TV and gym, from $ 1,600 to $ 1,960; triple, $ 2,580 (

Hostel Frankville: one day and one night per person with cable TV, wi-fi, kitchen and grill, $ 375 to $ 400 (

Residencial Avenida: double room with breakfast, cable TV and wi-fi, $ 990; triple, $ 1,390; quadruple, $ 1,790; Fivefold, $ 2,190; sixfold, $ 2,590; the rates do not include VAT; garage, $ 200 (

Where to find out 0800-9995959 / (0221) 489-5602 / (0221) 457-1207. / / /


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