Nordic places with the greatest chance of sun this summer

Nordic places with the greatest chance of sun this summer

June 14, 2019 0 By admin

Last year, the Swedish Highs became Sweden’s sunniest city for the first time since the start of the Solligan in 1990. The Swedish mounds are once again the favorite to become Sweden’s sunniest city, together with Visby, the island group stands high in odds. The main challenger is Öland’s northern cape.

– It feels like the Solligan only gets hotter and hotter every year. In recent years, it has been a bit of extra fun with step-ups who have taken the title home. Visby is, as usual, a big favorite, perhaps that they can recapture the title after two lotless years, says Henrik Holm, game expert at Unibet.

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The odds of sun chances, summer 2019:

• Swedish piles 3.25

Visby 3.25

Ölands Norra 4.00

Hoburgen 6.00

Luleå 6.00

Karlskrona 10.00

Nordkoster 14.00

Stockholm 20.00

Borlänge 76.00

Gothenburg 76.00

Karlstad 76.00

Lund 76.00

Norrköping 76.00

Umeå 76.00

Kiruna 101.0

Storlien 101.0

Växjö 101.0

Östersund 101.0

Tarfala 151.0

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