Nunavik, expedition to the Canadian Far North

Nunavik, expedition to the Canadian Far North

December 17, 2018 0 By admin

TRAVEL GUIDE – In the land of the Inuit, the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see on snowy lands and frozen lakes. Three hours by plane from Montreal, the escape is immediate! It is on skis, alongside Inuit guides, that the adventure is the strongest. En route for a week of skiing on the territory of wolves, seals and caribou.

To imagine Nunavik, one must imagine a large territory like Morocco located above the 55th parallel, in the extreme north of Quebec. The overwhelming majority of Quebecers know nothing about this icy land, occupied for more than three thousand years by the Inuit (formerly called Eskimos). It must be said that, for the price of a flight Montreal-Umiujaq, our cousins ​​of America can afford several trips to the Florida sun. For the European visitor, Nunavik has the immense advantage of offering landscapes of Canada’s Great North, even polar scenery, three hours flight from Montreal.

In March and April, it is possible to walk Nordic ski trails a tiny portion of this vast snow. Tursujuq National Park offers a one-week ski expedition for a handful of visitors among seals, wolves and caribou. The sun …

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