Phuket – from paradise beaches to picturesque neighborhoods

Phuket – from paradise beaches to picturesque neighborhoods

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Thailand’s largest island has many faces. What can seem quite hot at first sight is just a small part. Here you will find amazing beaches, fun shopping, high class restaurants, culture and interesting excursions.

Sure, there is also a lot of traffic and in some places a lot of people gather and it can be crowded here and there. But the island is big and offers so much!

Something that is amazing with Phuket is the selection of top-notch food and drink. This is true whether you choose one of the more exclusive restaurants or stick to the street theater served in market condition for a cheap money. The commodities are often really nice, not least fish and shellfish, which are always available for really good and tasty quality.

Nightlife is also not a problem at Phuket, and anyone who wants a wide range of bars and nightclubs is likely to go to Bangla Road in Patong.

If you are tired of the commercials in the tourist areas, there is always the possibility to take a bus or taxi to Phuket city, which is definitely recommended. Here the atmosphere and the pace are quite different, and it is both relaxing and interesting to stroll around the city’s daily life, visit markets and eat really good at any of the restaurants.

Phuket is also a perfect starting point for excursions, as it is possible to travel by boat in several directions and on land.

Here are 12 things you should not miss while you’re there!

1. Promthep cape

The sunset is really nice to see here at the southern tip of Phuket. Bring your own little picnic, why not with fresh fruits and cool drinks, and enjoy the spectacle over the ocean.

You will hardly be alone – the place is a popular tourist attraction, but in this case there is an interesting reason why it is so.

Nature creates beautiful views that glow in the soft light as the sun begins to sink.

The surrounding area is large, and is well maintained and there are both elephant statues, souvenir shops and restaurants. Touristy, yes. But if you are prepared for it and do not expect to be able to enjoy the sunset entirely on your own, it’s a nice experience.

2. Sunday walking street market

Every Sunday night it vibrates on Thalang Road in Phuket Town. The market is well worth a visit, not least because it has a lot of other features than the piracy markets that exist here and where in Thailand.

Here you will find local crafts, some different souvenirs and above all amazing food! Spicy seafood chicken for a few crowns, fried seafood for a tia, ice cream, noodles, fresh fruits, grilled steak … Here is everything in small quantities that also adds a delicious scent.

The market is also good for families with children. The neighborhood where the market is located has beautiful houses, the architecture has Portuguese influences and is clearly different from many other buildings in Thailand.

3. The Great Buddhist

Well, of course, it’s worth visiting one of Phuket’s most famous attractions. Up to the mountain near the town of Chalong, this 45 meter tall Buddha street boasts white marble.

A great bonus is the impressive view of Phuket, and the opportunity to see wild monkeys in the area. But watch out – they can be thieves, especially if you have food with you.

Many choose to take a taxi or ride the moped to the top but you can also walk. Another common way is to book a day trip through a travel agency or multi-stop hotel during a tour of Phuket, where the Great Buddha is usually included.

Keep in mind that this is a sacred place for many and dress with respect for this. Covered shoulders and knees should be visited here.

4. Nai Harn

For anyone who likes a little smaller beach but still wants a range of services around, Nai Harn is an excellent choice. Not as exploited as many other Phuket beaches. The sandy beach is very nice with a soft bottom. However, it is not so long-lived, which may be useful if you are traveling with young children.

The beach is also known to be significantly cleaner than many others in Thailand. A tip like the one who is looking for the peace is to come here early in the morning, then you can really have some enjoyable hours before the sunbeds begin to be replenished by visitors coming from the major tourist resorts and taking a swim excursion over the day.

The beach restaurants are nice and serve good Thai food! It may take some time to get what has been ordered, but pick up the pocket book or just take a moment to enjoy the view, so your meal will be enough.

5. Salvatore restaurant

Thaimaten är ju alldeles gudomlig, fantastisk och måste ätas vid de allra flesta måltider i Thailand, så är det bara. Men med det sagt så kan det ju faktiskt någon gång vara trevligt att bryta av med något helt annat.

Möjligheterna på Phuket är enorma när det gäller alternativ, det finns riktigt bra steakhouses, indier, vegetariska restauranger, europeiskt, mexikanskt, ja, allt du kan önska dig.

Ytterligare ett alternativ till en riktigt god och vällagad måltid är italienska Salvatore i Phuket stad. Den ser inte så mycket ut för världen från utsidan men innanför finns perfekt tillagad pasta och kött som serveras med exakt rätt temperatur. Ett gott och väl utvalt glas vin går också att få här, som passar perfekt till det som ligger på tallriken.

6. Longtail with your own driver

A constant Thai favorite is to hire a traditional long-haul boat with one’s own driver for one day. To enjoy Phukets beautiful surroundings from the ocean, stop snorkeling and land on some small islands – it’s amazingly beautiful.

Often, you can get in touch with drivers right on the beach, or turn to your hotel or to any of the small travel agencies for tips. Sometimes snacks and drinks can also be included.

Be sure to decide how to do with other meals, if you can stay somewhere for lunch or want to bring your own picnic.

If possible, please talk with the driver in advance. The fact that the person speaks English is of course a plus not only for the communication about what you want to experience during the journey but also for the possibility of conversation that can be both interesting and rewarding.

Find here: Book by hotel, travel agency or directly with a driver on any beach.

7. Chalong Temple

This is considered to be the most important of the Buddhist temples in Phuket. It is dedicated to two highly regarded monks who lived in the 19th century.

What Chalong, as it is called in Thai, consists of several buildings. Their decorations have a symbolic meaning and are about Buddha’s life. It is important to understand that this is a very important place for many Buddhists. Dress up respectfully and keep the call level low!

Located close to The Great Buddha, and these two sights can therefore be combined for those who want a real Phuket trip. Ask the hotel for their best deals regarding tours, or ask at the nearest travel agent when you are on site.

8. Baba beach club

Want a luxurious, shady beach club with all the right attributes? Then Baba beach club is something for you.

Here is the splendid sign and even Japanese, as there are such dishes on the bar menu. Sushin is very good! Animals with Thai Measure Meal but tasty! The restaurant next door has the rooftop Baba Nest offering nice views and trendy feel. But book a table in good time!

Within the same complex there is also the possibility of living wrapped in luxury and flair on exclusive Sri Panwa Phuket, where prices start at around 4000 SEK for one night. But if the checkout does not cover this, then there are other nearby accommodations for a cheaper price tag.

There is also a spa in the area.

9. Rawai

Casuarine trees frame the Rawaistrand, which is nice but nowadays not a typical sun and beach. Above all, this boat port is out to the sea because Rawai is located at the bottom of the southern tip of Phuket.

One reason to go here is whether you want to go on a trip, for example for snorkeling or visiting one of the nearby islands. Or if you only want to experience a beach of a different nature than the major tourist beaches where fishermen work with their fishing boats and the locals come by to take a dip in the evening or just relax on the beach.

There are nice restaurants and market stalls along the street, which makes Rawai a pleasant place to spend a while. If you stay for the evening you get the sunset as a bonus.

10. Kata Noi beach

“Little Brothers Beach” to Kata beach. Kata Noi is located south of Kata and has managed to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. The water is clear and the beach is soft and nice. The beach feels very comfortable.

Just a short walk from the big Kata beach. Sunbeds are available for rent.

Watching the sunset from here is super and highly recommended. There are several luxury hotels in the area, and the positive thing about the beach is that it is cleaned regularly, although it does not always help with all the erosion that comes from the sea.

A nice accommodation option at Kata Noi, with prices from around 1500 SEK per night, is a popular Katathani Phuket Beach Resort. Lovely pools with sea views and very fresh rooms with exclusive feel.

11. Chinatown/Gamla stan

There is an interesting Chinese history in Phuket, and it is experienced the best in Phukets old town. The neighborhood is sometimes called in Chinatown. There are very nice Chinese temples and other buildings. It is picturesque and perfect for a few hours strolling.

Over the years there have been a number of boutiques, nice restaurants and cafés along the streets, so there are plenty of places to swim in to cool down for a while if the heat becomes too noticeable.

Raya Restaurant located in the Old Town is well-known for its well-known Thai food. The cafe / restaurant Kopitiam by Wilai on Thalang Road also has fine thaimat and also nostalgic poison on the walls that depict Phuket 30 years ago.

12. Cooking course

Bringing the Thai flavors home is a great way to make your holiday live long after your return. In Phuket there is a wide range of cooking courses that are both fun, good and rewarding to visit.

One of the most popular is the Kata Thai Cooking Class, run by the couple Sally and Jim. Well organized, and pick-up from your hotel in the nearby resorts is included. Several dishes are prepared during each course – the menu includes pad Thai to red curry, fish cakes, panang curry and Tom Yum. A course takes about three hours, and there are both lunch courses and dinner classes. The language is English.

Price from about 550 SEK, which includes eating the meal itself after it has been cooked.

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