Playa de Monsul at Cabo de Gata Natural Park Andalusia San Jose Spain

Playa de Monsul at Cabo de Gata Natural Park Andalusia San Jose Spain

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History of Playa de Monsul at Cabo de Gata Natural Park Andalusia Spain

Andulusia is the home of hidden coasts and beaches, as at San Jose it has amazing historical and cultural background.

Playa de Monsul (Monsul Beach), Cala de Mónsul (Mónsul cove), San Jose close to Los Genoveses beach, is one of the most popular, attractive coast and beaches inside Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

Playa de monsul map

Information About Playa Monsul

Playa de Monsul located in the southern province of Almeria and located in natural park which the much of the parts was owned by Francisca Díaz Torres. She lived 103 year of her life and this park should be the reason of her long life and give her peace. Another important figure is Doña Pakyta open the park’s locked parts to the public full access like the beaches and fended off all attempts to develop the land. The area is popular with media, film makers and

Monsul Beach is around 300-400 meters lenght average width is 50 meters and in an protected area. The beach divided into two parts by a curious tombolo which lovely sea erosion. Beach is very quiet and peaceful. Inside rocks , cactus around and dwarf palm trees you will feel like you are in a western movie.

Cala de monsul cove

The Fame of Playa de Monsul and Steven Spielberg – Indiana Jones

Playa de Monsul’s natural quality is approved by Steven Spielberg. He shoot a part of his Indiana Jones movie at Monsul Beach. May be you will remember the scene Indiana Jones father brought down a German plane with his umbrella shooing away a flock of seagulls.

steven spielberg playa de monsulActually this place is the place pigeons are started use for beach scenes rather than unmanageable seagulls. Also other famous films and series like from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to Doctor Who has scenes at Monsur Beach.

playa de Monsul beach sands

What to Do in Playa de Monsul (Beach-Cove) – Attractions

You can swim at the shallow water which crystal clear and having fun with your children in this safe waters. They will enjoy when they see the fishes around their legs. Seabeds and boat lover will like the silent and pure water without wild waves. Quality Sunbathing is available and actually rocks of covered mountains provides some shadow to the beach sometimes. You can have snorkelling and diving in Cala de Mónsul (Cove) at Natural Park of Cabo de Gata Níjar. Sands quality is high that are improved on both sides of this fossil prominence and huge mobile dune is existing close to the creek. Climbing to rock mountain is another possible activity in Playa de Monsul Beach . You can take a walk around the Monsul beach and Monsul cove you will find banks around to sit and watch amazing sunset and sunborn. It’s great walking and feeling through its banks, remembering that in this unique place of Almería famous Hollywood directors and actor’s footprints left.

playa de monsul beach montain


How to Go Playa de Monsul (Beach-Cove)

Best way to go Playa de Monsul is to take untidy road of San Jose by car. You will easily reach the beach at the enterance of San Jose. Be carefull beach enterance is limited to the hours between 9 and 10 am. If you are late you may not access to the beach. Track may close if you are out of the enterance hours. Be an early bird if you want to go Playa de Monsul (Beach-Cove)

Buses are another alternative to reach Playa de Monsul (Beach-Cove). Local authority transportation services available from San Jose nearly 4 Euro per person will take you to Playa de Monsul (Beach-Cove)

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