Rio de Janeiro lights the world’s largest floating Christmas tree

Rio de Janeiro lights the world’s largest floating Christmas tree

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The largest floating Christmas tree in the world once again shone in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, accompanied by a fireworks show and in the midst of a great expectation after his absence since 2015.

The tree, a metallic structure of 70 meters high and composed of 900,000 LED bulbs, was illuminated this Saturday, December 1 on the Laguna Rodrigo de Freitas, in the south zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The floating tree of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, accompanied by a pyrotechnic show that brought together thousands of people.

The last time this show took place was in 2015, the year in which a strong wind broke it in two to a week after the inauguration and forced its height to be reduced: it went from the traditional 85 meters to just over 50.

The opening ceremony was complemented with a fireworks show that lasted seven minutes and delighted the audience.

The tree will be lit every night until next January 6. In parallel, during this period will be developed cultural activities in the surroundings, like concerts. There will be different Christmas decorations and a nearby gazebo, ideal for taking photos. For the joy of the kids, the weekends will be present Santa Claus.

The tree, a metal structure 70 meters high and composed of 900,000 led bulbs, is located on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. EFE / Fernando Maia

Size issue

According to the Mayor of Rio, this floating tree – the largest of its kind in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records records – usually gathers 200,000 visitors throughout the Christmas holidays.

The last time the tree was seen was in 2015, when a strong wind broke it a few days after its inauguration. EFE / Fernando Maia

The mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, said in a statement that the city “is facing challenges” and that the return of the floating tree It was possible thanks to the search for “partners in the private initiative”.

The state of Rio de Janeiro, whose greater part of its population is concentrated in the metropolitan region of its homonymous capital, crosses a serious economic crisis, aggravated by the multiple scandals of corruption, and security.

The wave of violence provoked that the president of Brazil, Michel Temer, decreed last February a federal intervention that left in the hands of the Armed Forces the control of public order.

The intervention will end on December 31 of this year and the president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, who will assume as head of state a day later, has already announced that he will not extend said measure.

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