River-Boca: how much does it cost to travel to Madrid to watch the final of the Copa Libertadores

River-Boca: how much does it cost to travel to Madrid to watch the final of the Copa Libertadores

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After the global role generated this last weekend by the suspension of the final of the Copa Libertadores between River and Boca that was to be played in Buenos Aires, speculation and decision time began.

Finally, the Disciplinary Unit of Conmebol issued its ruling and the match will be played in Madrid, Spain, on December 9 at 16.30 in Argentina. Here, a price guide in tickets and hotels so you know how much will travel on that date to see which of the two teams is consecrated champion.

An image of the landscape of the Retiro Park in Madrid, an obligatory tourist destination even if you visit the city more than once. (EFE / Chema Moya)

How much is the ticket

To travel on December 8, Aerolíneas Argentinas offers tickets to Madrid from $ 37,331.66 for the round trip from 47,978 pesos. Both are direct flights, some operated by Airlines and others by Air Europa. When taking out the tickets with so little anticipation, the expenses become more expensive: the total round trip is 85.309.90 pesos.

Takeoff offers cheaper alternatives, operated by different airlines but with scales that can last many hours. Thus, the outward journey can only extend to 38 hours and the return to 27, but the round-trip passages fall considerably in these cases and can be reached Madrid for $ 48,638. Operated by Iberia, there are direct flights from $ 86,289. On the side of LATAM, there are flights with a scale from $ 65,152.

Turismocity also published its own offers of
flights to Madrid. There is from $ 34,815 round trip departing on December 5 or 6 and returning on the 10th. There are also options at that price returning on December 23 (after the games that are played in Abu Dhabi for the Club World Cup) for those who want to take advantage of going afterwards from Madrid.

The facade of Velázquez in the Museo Nacional del Prado, one of the most visited in the world. (Photo: Museo Nacional del Prado / DPA)

How much is the lodging

A good option recommended by Booking is the four star hotel Vinicci Soho, located in the center of Madrid, six minutes from the Reina Sofia National Museum. The price there to spend the night on December 9 in a double base room is $ 3,977.

Turismocity also has h3-star hotel from $ 1,182 per night

Another proposal closer to the Santiago Bernabéu is Residencias Urban, which is located 1 kilometer from the stadium. It costs $ 4,996 a triple room with patio. Only the kitchen is shared and there is 24 hour reception, just like a hotel.

Also there are cheaper alternatives stopping in hostels The I Love Madrid is very central too and every night It can cost from $ 990 according to the type of room that is chosen. In general, the rooms range from six to eight people.

In addition, Airbnb offers entire rooms or apartments for that date. There are options from $ 1,673 to $ 2,951 for two people.

What to visit in a short time

Spain is an ideal destination for Argentines. In principle, its capital is considered the gateway to Europe since from there you can access other tourist points of the continent through internal flights and trains. Culturally, Spaniards are very similar in their customs and More than one feels “at home” when stepping on Madrid’s soil. Tapas, Spanish tortillas and a lot of life characterizes this city that never rests.

The Puerta del Sol in Madrid, the nerve center of the city. Photo: Samuel J. Garza

Recently, the “new Gran Vía” was inaugurated, with more pedestrian and bicycle space. It can be a great trip to explore the most traditional avenue of the Spanish capital.

And beyond the game, the Real Madrid stadium also offers a guided tour It lasts an hour and a half every day. Children under 5 years old do not pay. From 5 to 14, the entrance costs 21 euros and for adults, the price amounts to 29 euros.

Another must-see is a walk along the Retirement park, is considered one of the main tourist attractions of the city, as it houses numerous architectural, sculptural and landscape ensembles from the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries.

The Puerta de Alcalá It is one of the most emblematic monuments, located in Plaza Independencia. Another of the most important points is the Main Square, neuralgic center of Madrid and a few meters from the Sun Gate. It is ideal to go out at dusk or at night and enjoy the bars that surround the area.

For those who enjoy museums, the most tourist are the Prado Museum, which is one of the most important in the world and the most visited. It contains collections of European masters from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The Reina Sofía Museum It is another of the most modern, with contemporary art. There is El Guernica by Pablo Picasso, among other important works of the 20th century.

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