Ruta de la Montaña: un paisaje de cimas verdes en el Let’s Discover The North of Burgos

Ruta de la Montaña: un paisaje de cimas verdes en el Let’s Discover The North of Burgos

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The lands denominated “Mountains of Burgos” are located to the south of the Cantabrian Mountains, including some of the Merindades de Castilla. They form a green and mountainous landscape, in which traditional architecture and ways of life are related to those of Cantabrian Spain.

In this route, of about 92 kilometers, we will know some of the most representative and original places of the geography of Burgos such as the karst complex of Ojo Guareña, the most important in Spain, the stately village of Espinosa de los Monteros, the valleys of Burgos and the evergreen Mena Valley. The route runs through a succession of spectacular landscapes, valleys pasiegos and a singular heritage of Romanesque churches, towers, castles and mansions.

Turism of Burgos recommends us to start in Butrera, in the Merindad de Sotoscueva, where its Romanesque church from the end of the 12th century stands out. In front of the town of Cueva de Sotoscueva sits the hermitage of the saints Tirso and Bernabé in one of the mouths of the great Kárstico complex of “Ojo Guareña”. From the access esplanade, we have a beautiful panoramic view of the Sotoscueva valley and the Guareña River sinkhole.

We will go to the town of Espinosa de los Monteros, commercial center of a large mountainous area of ​​livestock economy. You have to see the many towers and houses with coats of arms of medieval origin; the church of Santa Cecilia, Renaissance; the beautiful plaza of Sancho García with popular buildings; the magnificent Chiloeches Palace; and the Castle of the Velasco.

Going up to the town of Las Machorras we can access the high mountain landscapes of the Pasiegos rivers by the roads that go to the Estacas de Trueba, Lunada and La Sía ports.
The Valley of Mena looks at the Bay of Biscay

Once again in Espinosa de los Monteros, we will arrive at the Mena Valley, after passing the Port of El Cabrio. This valley is the only territory of Burgos whose rivers flow into the Cantabrian, with an evergreen mountainous landscape. The Valley, is composed of more than 60 small nuclei.

There are the valleys of Angulo, with exceptional places such as the waterfall of Peñaladros or Ayega, where we find the Romanesque tympanum of the church of San Pelayo. In Vivanco we receive remarkable mansions of traditional northern architecture. The Sanctuary of Cantonad is located and offers excellent views of the Mena Valley. We can continue through Lezana de Mena, with the Torre de los Velasco, and Siones where the beautiful church of Santa María is located. In Vallejo de Mena, the church of San Lorenzo, ss.XII-XIII, is the other Romanesque jewel of the Valley.

We will finish in Villasana de Mena, administrative capital of the Mena Valley, preserving a beautiful old town made up of the Somera or Worktop, the Middle and New or Bajera streets. Here we will find the Convent of Santa Ana, the Sancho Ortiz de Matienzo Palace and the Torreón de los Velasco erected by the Velasco house in the 13th century.

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