Ryanair: Also German pilots and flight attendants strike on Friday

Ryanair: Also German pilots and flight attendants strike on Friday

October 4, 2018 0 By admin

Nothing works for 24 hours: German Ryanair pilots and flight attendants will quit their jobs on Friday. There are also strikes in five other countries. The airline has canceled further flights for the day.
Suit of an employee of Ryanair

The unions of the pilots and flight attendants have called their members at Ryanair for the strike on Friday. The Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) wants to step out between 3.01 am and Saturday at 2.59 am. This applies to all permanent pilots employed at Ryanair stations in Germany. In the afternoon Ver.di also announced the participation of the German Ryanair flight attendants. At the same time, Ryanair employees are leaving work in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The low-cost Ryanair has then canceled further flights for this Friday. Due to the additional participation of VC in a European strike, another 35 to 45 flights to and from Germany should be canceled, explained marketing boss Kenny Jacobs in Dublin. That would only be around ten percent of the planned program.

Due to the announced strikes in other European countries, Ryanair had already canceled 150 of 2400 European flights. 30,000 out of 450,000 customers will not be able to fly as planned, the Irish low-cost airline said. These passengers would have been informed by e-mail or SMS about the cancellations.

A VC press release says the union has not been offered an improved offer since the last labor dispute on September 12. In addition, no conciliation agreement has been reached between Ryanair and VC so far. “So far, we could not reach agreement on what we want to settle, how we want to arbitrate and who could be a suitable arbitrator,” said Ingolf Schumacher, chairman collective bargaining policy of the VC.

Ver.di also said that the reason for the strike was that the Irish low-cost airline “did not submit a satisfactory offer after four rounds of negotiations”. “The offer is completely inadequate, especially when you realize that many employees have a low-living income,” criticized Ver.di board member Christine Behle.

Ver.di demands a “substantial” wage increase for the flight attendants. In addition, they should receive compensation for delays. In addition, the union demands the establishment of a company interest representation.

Employees of the most profitable European airline, which has been shaking up the market with flights costing just a few euros, demand higher pay and better working conditions. It is particularly criticized that Ryanair often does not provide employees in local countries with local contracts and does not apply national labor law.

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