Screams, crying and flying dishes. Mechanical failure terrorizes Carnival Cruise passengers

Screams, crying and flying dishes. Mechanical failure terrorizes Carnival Cruise passengers

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The pool water spilling down the deck, flying dishes, screams and crying from the passengers who were desperately looking for their life jackets.

Those were the moments that were lived on Sunday aboard the Carnival Sunshine cruise, when the ship went sideways, shortly after having sailed from Puerto Cañaveral, on the central coast of Florida, for a five-day cruise through the Caribbean.

“The plates and cups flew, the tables ran through the rooms,” Sunshine passenger David Crews told the Orlando News 6 television station. “It was total chaos. Shouting. Laughter Panic”.

When the ship returned Friday to Puerto Canaveral, a passenger described the experience as a scene from the movie Titanic. Others complained about the injuries and bruises they suffered.

Carnival said the safety of the passengers was never in danger. “Carnival Sunshine experienced a technical problem that caused the ship to lean for more or less a minute,” the cruise line said in a statement. “We remain confident of the ship’s safety, just as we are committed to the safety of our passengers and our crew,” the press release added.

In a letter addressed to passengers who were able to obtain News 6, the captain explained that the boat was tilted due to a malfunction of the stabilizers. “It is important to note that the stabilizers are not safety equipment, but are only used for the comfort of the passengers and to minimize any sudden movement of the boat in the water,” the letter says.

However, some passengers were not very sure about it, and decided to get off the ship and return home when the cruise ship touched down in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday.

The Carnival Sunhine was renovated in 2013 at a cost of $ 115 million, after 17 years on the water. It used to be called Carnival Destiny.

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