Sculptures, wrecks and a volcano under water

Sculptures, wrecks and a volcano under water

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The country

There are 1 hour of flying time between Frankfurt and the Antilles state of Grenada in the south of the Caribbean half-arch – nonstop thanks to a direct connection operated by Condor. Nevertheless, Grenada is still considered an insider tip in this country among sailors and divers.

In the boutique hotels on Grand Anse Beach, the two-kilometer longest of around 40 dream beaches on the six inhabited islands of the Caribbean state, dominate the British and Americans. For centuries, the first coined as colonists Grenada, the others left as invaders deep traces: Although the US army in 1983 was only a few weeks in the country; but she made sure that Grenada from the socialism adopted and today attracts millions of investors.

An example of this is the expansion of the once uninhabited island Calivigny to a luxury resort (six beaches for 50 guests), which has no comparison with other private islands such as Mustique or Necker Island shy. There are 2300 hotel beds in total on Grenada; the number will increase to 3,000 when “Silversands” (Leading Hotels of the World) and “Kimpton Kawana Bay” open their doors in December.

The sandbar

If you sail north from the island of Carriacou, you should make a detour to Mopion. Without the sunshade, many skippers would probably pass the 30-meter-long sandbar – and thus miss one of Grenada’s most secluded dream beaches. Shortly after Mopion begin the territorial waters of the neighboring state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Among sailors, it is popular to document their “border crossing” with a parasol photo.

Identification Parasol: the islet Mopion
Identification Parasol: the islet Mopion

Source: Getty Images

The Titanic of the Caribbean

52 meters below the sea level lies the “Bianca C”. In diving circles is the 1961 sunken, 180 meter long cruise ship “Titanic of the Caribbean” and belongs to around 20 wrecks off the coast of Grenada. Among them is recently a 60 meter long DDR container ship. The “Anina” (until 1989 “Trinwillershagen”) was targeted sunk on March 21, 2018 near the Purple Rain Reef at 30 meters depth – as a new top destination for divers.

The Bianca C. is now a maze for divers
The Bianca C. is now a maze for divers

Source: WaterFrame / Getty Images

The hotspot

Grenada’s highest volcano measures 1300 meters. However, to reach the summit, you have to be a diver and walk to a depth of 190 meters. The Kick ’em Jenny called fire mountain is submariner nature. Often unnoticed by islanders and tourists, it breaks out every few years. Only once, in 1939, did the blast reach the surface – triggering a mini tsunami.

Submarine Volcano: Kick-'em-Jenny breaks out occasionally without anyone noticing
Submarine Volcano: Kick-’em-Jenny breaks out occasionally without anyone noticing

Source: Infographic WORLD

The rum

Founded in 1785, the River Antoine Rum Distillery is considered the oldest distillery in the Caribbean. The production methods of the islanders are also very rustic: sugar cane is squeezed out with a water wheel from 1785 and the unfiltered juice is fermented by means of wild yeasts for eight days, then distilled. The result: 89 percent alcohol, For export, there is 69-percent rum.

Rum is an important factor on Grenada
Rum is an important factor on Grenada

Source: Getty Images

The art reefs

The special feature of the underwater sculptures is the material: it is harder than normal concrete, pH-neutral – and thus perfect for the settlement of corals, shells, algae. The British artist Jason Taylor wants to attract not only dive tourists with his installations, but also create artificial reefs for the sea creatures.

The first of three marine museums built Taylor 2006 specifically in Grenada’s waters; There two hurricanes (Ivan 2004, Emily 2005) had destroyed the reefs of Carriacou and Sandy Islands. Taylors 65 installations stand today in the Molinière Bay, in 5 to 30 meters depth; Snorkelers and guests on glass bottom boats can see the works in the clear water.

The quote

“It is fantastic how Grenada protects the sea and the corals”

Prince Harry During his visit to the Caribbean in 2016, he praised the British Commonwealth for the care of marine ecosystems. In the same year, the California-based Ethical Traveler organization named Grenada the “ethically correct destination,” one of ten countries in the world.

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