Special Christmas markets, from reflective to shrill

Special Christmas markets, from reflective to shrill

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Schon hilarious: Although according to a recent survey, about 17 percent of German Christmas markets find annoying or even hate, again this year 270 million visitors are expected on the nationwide 2200 markets – because just the other 83 percent love Christmas markets and are repeat offenders.

Germany not only has the world’s highest visitor numbers, nowhere else on earth can you find such a number of Christkindl, Striezel and other end-of-year markets, we also hold the world record for mulled wine (50 million liters) and honey cake consumption (82,000 tons).

In view of the sheer volumes, however, one has to ask oneself (and the other 269,999,999 visitors to the Christmas market): What is the appeal of a collective affair with cheap buzz? Because mulled wine in these quantities can only be of inferior quality.

Is the annual ritual of pushing and pushing through narrow alleyways festive in any way? And what has the always same junk assortment, that to 90 per cent from junk made in China seems to be still to do with Christmas?

Luckily, among the 2200 German markets, there are not only those who dispatch or fill the masses with mass-produced goods. There are markets that are more original and original than the mass.

With wine and under the earth

There would be, for example, the Mosel-Wein-Nachts-Markt in Traben-Trarbach (until 1.1.2019, For days and exact times see link). The bumpy name we ignore diligently, namely, what is more important is the market so special: It takes place completely underground, in the huge, sometimes centuries-old wine cellars and quaint vaults that run through the underground of the historic wine trading city on the Moselle ,

Only high-quality crafts from the region are sold, and there are no food stalls, but fine stalls that offer local specialties, from homemade Flammkuchen to mulled wine from Mosel-Riesling, which guarantees no headache.

Between barrels Christmas is offered in Traben-Trarbach. And of course good wine too
Between barrels Christmas is offered in Traben-Trarbach. And of course good wine too

Source: picture alliance / dpa

Committed to the Biedermeier

Also rustic and wonderfully old-fashioned is the Biedermeier Christmas Market in the town of Werben in Saxony-Anhalt (third Advent weekend, 15-16.12.). He is lit only with candles, lanterns and kerosene lamps. There is a paper and a puppet theater, the market people – blacksmiths, saddlers, carpenters, potters, Seiler – are dressed in Biedermeier costumes and sell knitted, sewn, painted, but also antique books focusing Biedermeier.

Advertise on the Elbe is called "Biedermeier city". And the Christmas market reflects that again
Advertise on the Elbe is called “Biedermeier city”. And the Christmas market reflects that

Source: picture alliance / dpa

Christmas market in the woods

Without electricity, it is again not on the Velden forest Christmas market (until 16/12, from Friday to Sunday, see opening hours see link) on the estate Krumme in the Münsterland: The forest of the estate, in which 150 booths on 20,000 square meters stand, is one million Among them are homemade cakes, home-made speculoos and hearty kale with sausage.

Contemplation à la St. Pauli

In a different way, it’s all about Santa Pauli (“Hamburg’s hottest Christmas market”, until 23.12.). Directly on the Reeperbahn, a strip tent and porn karaoke (“your Stöhnerlein kommet”) provide a special festive mood, complemented by a stall with “adult romance” (popular at Christmas: condoms with cinnamon flavor and handwritten vibrators made of spruce wood) and the world’s only mulled wine pharmacy, which emits unicorn mulled wine on Mondays, which owes its pink color to the unicorn unicorn extract added to it. Everything is not necessarily solemn, but you can also usher in the festival of love sometimes.

“Santa Pauli” on the opening day. Where is Christmas? Well, in the background, where the firs are

Source: picture alliance / dpa

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