Spiti Valley India

Spiti Valley India

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About Spiti Valley, Cold Desert Mountain

Beautiful Spiti Valley located between Nepal and Pakistan’s wild Northwest Frontier Province, and bordering-line the ancient kingdom of Tibet, states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal also Kashmir make up India’s owned Northwest.

Spiti Valley located center of the India and lies in the idyllic Himalayas of North India and is nealy known as ‘the middle country’. These valleys isolated from one another and away from the urbans, preserving homogenous and distinct cultures and traditions. There are a lot of different language dialects and accents from one valley to the next, people speak mostly different languages. Even you may hear 7 dialects may be spoken in the same valley.

Information about Spiti Valley

Actually The Spiti Valley mainly is a cold desert mountain valley located top of the Himalaya mountains in the north-eastern part at the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” stands for “The Middle Land”, i.e. the lays between Tibet and India. Local population follow Vajrayana Buddhism same as that found in the nearby Tibet.

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  • Population: 32,000
  • Area: 13,835 km²
  • Major Languages: Manchad Dialects, Bhoti & Sanskrit
  • Major Religions: Buddhist & Hindu
  • Currency: Indian Rupees (INR)

The area has always drawn wanderers and explorers with its rich cultural heritage and spiritual prosperity. Increasingly, it is the spiritual appeal of Himalayan Buddhism which draws western travellers to the mountains. Indeed, it is often said the Himalayas are the closest that humankind can get to the heavens. The Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain faiths can all trace their roots to these mountains.

If you are looking for a more quiet and silent place than Ladakh you will find the peace in Spiti Walley. A desert mountain valley being high in the Himalayas. Villages are quite rare and there are huge distances between but you’ll still spot little monasteries perched precariously on crags thousands of feet above. The Spiti Valley is one of the few minumum populated, peaceful places in India.

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How to Go Spiti Valley

You can go Spiti Valley all year round via the road from Manali or Kaza. An experienced driver and guide is recommended to explore some of the most challenging roads in India. The road are uncomfortable and be ready adventures in the road before you reach the heaven.

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