Walking at the center of Europe along the loops of the Moselle

Walking at the center of Europe along the loops of the Moselle

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REPORTAGE – On the borders of Lorraine, the Moselle plays jumps borders with France, Germany and Luxembourg. Let us imitate her! A peaceful atmosphere reigns over vineyards, rolling hills and fortified villages.

Where is the center of Europe? A technocrat will answer Brussels, a MEP, Strasbourg. But for the tourist, mystery … Until we discover the land of the Three Borders. This is the name of this part of northern Lorraine, north of Thionville, where France, Luxembourg, and Germany meet. To attend these border weddings, you must follow the course of the Moselle. In Sierck-les-Bains, the tributary of the Rhine has experienced some spectacular floods, whose levels are read on the walls of the city center. Beautiful tanner houses, clothiers and butchers line the steep streets of the village, wedged between the river and its castle.

Residence of the Dukes of Lorraine, it was the object of all desires because of its strategic location in the valley of the Moselle. Charles the Bold, Louvois, the Duke of Marlborough, the Grand Condé, Vauban and many others have left their names on this fortified promontory. Rare fact for a castle of …

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