Sumela Monestary – Secret World Beauty

Sumela Monestary – Secret World Beauty

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Sümela Monastery is a former Greek Orthodox monastery and church complex at 1.150 m above sea level on the Kara (ancient Greek name: Mela) hill on the western slopes of the Trabzon province, Maçka district, Altındere valley border (Ancient Greek name: Panagia) The name is Panagia Sumela (Παναγία Σουμελά) or Theotokos Sumela.

The History of Sumela Monastery

It is believed that the church was built between 365 and 395 AD. The Cappadocian churches, which are frequently found in Anatolia, There is also a similar cave church in Trabzon in the area of ​​Maşatlık. Much is known about the millennium period between the first establishment of the church and its transformation into a monastery. According to a legend among the Greeks of the Black Sea, the two monks of Athens Barnabas and Sophronios saw the same dream; in their dreams, they saw the place of Samuel as the place where the icon of Saint Mary of Luke, the icon of the Virgin Mary holding her baby Jesus in her arms, was found. Then they came to Trabzon by sea, unaware of each other, and they explained the dreams they encountered there and laid the foundation of the first church. However, the frescoes in the monastery frequently take place, giving special importance to the Emperor of Trabzon III. Aleksios (1349-1390) is thought to be the true founder of the monastery.

After the Ottoman conquest, there was no change in the status of the monastery, who served as an outpost for the defense of the city which was exposed to Turkmen raids in the 14th century. It is known that Yavuz Sultan Selim presented two great candlesticks here during the Sehzadefti in Trabzon. Fatih Sultan Mehmed, II. Murat, I. Selim, II. Selim, III. Murad, Abraham, IV. Mehmed, II. Solomon and III. Ahmed also has a number of festivals concerning the monastery. The privileges provided by the monastery during the Ottoman period created an area surrounded by Christian and secret Christian villagers especially in Maçka and northern Gümüşhane during the İslamization of Trabzon and Gümüşhane region.

During the Russian occupation from April 18, 1916 until February 24, 1918, as the other monasteries around Maçka, it became the headquarters of Greek militia who wanted to establish an independent Pontus state and lost its significance after the population exchange and the Christians in the region were sent to Greece. It was abandoned to fate until recently restored by the Ministry of Culture.

The Greeks from Black Sea who migrated to Greece had built a new church in the city of Veria named by the name of Sumela. Every year in August, as they did in Trabzon Sümela in the past, they organize large festivals around the new monastery.

With the permission of the government in the Republic of Turkey in 2010. Christians, the Virgin Mary, who is considered as the day of Ascension and the sacred 15th of August after 88 years together for the first rite organized, ritual Ecumenical Patriarch led Dimitri Bartholomew.

Dates and Times to Visit Monastery ;

Summer Opening Time: 09:00
April 15 / October 2
Summer Closing Time: 19:00
October 3 / April 14
Winter Opening Time: 08:00
October 3 / April 14
Winter Closing Time: 15:45


Entry Price: 25 TL

For a year you can visit the museum with + museum card unlimited.
Address: Altındere Valley, Maçka / Trabzon
Tel: +90 (462) 326 07 48

Recent Discovery from Sumela Monestery

Monastery’s Secret Passages, Sümela Slogan Chambers
Maçka District Mayor Koray Koçhan stated that Sümela Monastery is a trademark of Trabzon and Maçka and said that the places discovered in the works will make Sümela a historical richness. Expressing that the places discovered are of great importance in terms of tourism and history, Koçhan said:
Sümela Monastery, Sümela Monastery’s Secrets, Sümela Monastery’s Mysteries, Sümela Monastery’s Secret Passages, Sümela Slogan Chambers

“There are areas in Sümela that have not been seen until now and we plan to open them to the visitors together with the restoration work.This is a restoration which is costly for him already.The tourists are only entering to the side of the rock church.It is where there are small chapels inside, they could not enter the places prayed in the closed areas with the rooms. “With these restoration works, they will also be entered into those areas.
Sümela Monastery, Sümela Monastery’s Secrets, Sümela Monastery’s Mysteries, Sümela Monastery’s Secret Passages, Sümela Slogan Chambers
Referring to the fact that there is an older chapel than the Rock Church in the Monastery of Sumela, Koçhan said, “Even if you look inside Sumela, you can see the empty area inside the gate even in the historical photographs, but there are always wooden houses full of rock churches in the original. an a path leading from the roof of Sumela, along with a chapel older than the Rock Church there.
Sümela Monastery, Sümela Monastery’s Secrets, Sümela Monastery’s Mysteries, Sümela Monastery’s Secret Passages, Sümela Slogan Chambers

There is also a qualified work on whether or not to win the tourism in that chapel. Thousands of years pass though the figures there are very clear and even very different Hz. They have Jesus figures. It’s very original. It used an expression of an area where roof tiles were not used in the roof.

How to Go Sumela Monaestary, Transportation

By every day planes from Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. There are additionally planes from Adana (Pegasus Airways) and Bursa (Borajet), in addition to scheduled worldwide flights from sure European and regional cities.

By bus from all main cities in Turkey. From Istanbul (65 TL, 18 hrs) they depart a number of instances per day. From Kayseri it is 12hrs. There are additionally buses from Tbilisi, Georgia (about 12 hours) which function a helpful level of entry to the nation from Caucasus. There can be a “servis” (free shuttle bus) from the bus station to town centre. Additionally you’ll be able to hire a automobile at Trabzon Airport

Turkish Maritime Ferries used to function two weekly ferryboats between Istanbul and varied Black Sea ports. Nonetheless, as of 2007, this service has been cancelled.

There are additionally ferries twice every week from Sochi on Russian Black Sea coast. They value US$ 50/passenger.

Frequent Dolmuş connections inside town: 1.75 Lira. If you wish to go from Trabzon’s otogar to Atatürk Alanı, cross the principle road and flag down any dolmus with the route “Meydan”. Town dolmus station is beneath a bridge on the south aspect of Atatürk Alanı. Dolmus go away from right here additionally to Boztepe viewpoint and to Aya Sofia (ask round and they’ll level you to the right dolmus).

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