The new address for the million dollar Indian weddings in Antalya

The new address for the million dollar Indian weddings in Antalya

November 8, 2018 0 By admin

Antalya was the new address for the million-dollar fairytale Indian weddings. The Indians who made 12 weddings in the city this year have already completed their bookings for next year.

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    Indian families prefer Antalya for fairytale weddings. 12 big Indian weddings were held in Antalya this year. Indian families who left 500,000 dollars in exchange even at the lowest budget wedding, loved the city’s unique nature, sea and hotels. Indian families, who loved the ‘all-inclusive’ system, did not understand much when they first heard of this system.

    Bünyat Özpak, the managing partner of the organization company Inventum Global, said that they had difficulty in explaining what they could benefit from all kinds of facilities, including accommodation, food and drinks, for a fixed fee. Bünyat Özpak said, onların The all-inclusive system is something they can’t find. The concept we call ‘all-inclusive’ is something they haven’t seen before. We adjusted our costs very well. They are surprised, “he said.

    Indian families are the most important throughout the life of the wedding event, which draws attention Ozpak, families for the wedding just started to accumulate from the birth of their children, he said. Özpak, who attributed the reason why weddings are so showy, noted that there are hundreds of weddings in India every week. In recent years, the star shines Antalya ‘s transfer Ozpak, Indians are extremely indulgent in spices and colors, he said. Ozpak, for this reason at Indian weddings from India with tons of food and spices brought to bring private chefs said.

    Bünyat Özpak stated that they received prepaid reservations for 2019 this year and that everything went well so far. Özpak noted that they had made a reservation for the 11th wedding. A few of the weddings we paid are very important. So much so; the place will play when heard. This is the wedding of a world-famous businessman. If there is a mishap without a mishap 40-45 wedding plans to do, “he said.

    Bünyat Özpak, who stated that they made a lot of effort to bring Indian weddings to tourism, said that they were satisfied with the course, and that they had some problems that they could not progress.

    In particular, the visa requirement on the major problems and Özpak Indians coming to Turkey highlighted that cause loss of extra time, “We are the expectations of the Indians, but we apply them visas.

    Indians complain about this situation. If we want to do something more in the business and tourism area than Indian tourists, we should either remove visas, or switch to an electronic visa as applied to China. ”

    Source: NTV (Turkey)

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