The person who is the victim of his / her overseas vacation will be asked to pay a refund

The person who is the victim of his / her overseas vacation will be asked to pay a refund

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The consumer arbitration tribunal, which has agreed that the tourism company that has agreed by buying a package tour for the holiday abroad, has made himself / herself the victim of a change on the holiday by making changes in the contract, has decided to return half of the fee to the consumer.

Lawyer Begüm Can Gürel and his two friends traveled abroad in August by taking a holiday package from a tourism company. The tour company only two days before the trip to change the hotel and the holiday experiences experienced in the negativity over the problems they experienced Gürel, lawyer Leyla went to search for the right way through the apprentice.

Gürel applied the Beykoz Consumer Arbitration Tribunal, citing that the tour company had changed its hotels in an arbitrary way, stated that it was “incomplete and defective” and that it had encountered other problems during the holiday.

In the application petition, in the Consumer Protection Law, “the consumer, the contract in the process of performance due to any deficiency in the process of claiming the right to lower.” half of the fee paid to the tour company was requested.

Evaluating the request, the arbitral tribunal concluded that the complainant was justified and decided to extradite the tour company’s half of the contract price of 4,500 liras to his friends, which he complained and went on holiday with.


Gürel stated that the tour company ignored the contract during the trip and two of the accommodation was changed as “arbitrary”.

Gürel stated that he had been forced to make additional payments by the tour company and that the company had previously victimized others.

In the “Consumer Protection Law”, the rights of the consumer are clearly listed. As it is seen in the end, we have come out with a positive result from this process.
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