The world’s most colorful carnival begins: Venice’s mask festival

The world’s most colorful carnival begins: Venice’s mask festival

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Every February, Venice is the scene of a giant masquerade ball. Costumes, masks, street parties and, of course, the city’s own magic, carnival time here, visitors leave unforgettable memories. prepared the masked carnival post for Venice, the city of  canals …

  • Venice is undoubtedly a unique city, with hundreds of years of spectacular views reflected in the stagnant waters of the canals that surround the city like a network. What makes this romantic city even more unique is the carnival, which is filled with music and masked parties all over the city.

  • Preparing for Easter Carnival of Venice, this year February 16 – March 5, 2019 edited.

    Although this carnival tradition has actually spread throughout Italy for centuries, there is another color in Venice. All the streets, canals and squares of the city are full of carnival participants dressed in glamorous costumes like those of the 17th century aristocrats.

  • The masquerade of the carnival, which you will feel as if you have gone on a journey of time towards the centuries before Venice.

  • Venice mask traditionIt emerged in the 13th century with the desire of the Venetians to hide their identity at the parties. In this way, the aristocrats who hid their faces with masks, and the people from the substructure, could be united in these parties regardless of class distinctions.

    However, in the 18th century, masks were banned only to be allowed during the carnival periods, as masks were used in illegal activities such as gambling or prostitution.

    That’s why if you’re in Venice during the Carnival time, maybe you’re not a 17th-century noble costume, but you should definitely get a mask. Shopping in Venice is as colorful as the carnival itself, with interesting shops selling handmade masks and costumes!

    During the carnival San Marco Square activities are organized all over the city. Carnival is a ritual based on the 1500s, as every year ”Angel’s Flight“ The show starts with a yacht race.

    The festival’s event calendar also includes ği Festa delle Maria u, the march of Maria’s commemoration of the twelve young women who were rescued from the hands of pirates centuries ago, ın Flight of the Eagle el and genç Flight of the Lion “, competitions where the best masks are selected every day, and the fireworks performances and classical music concerts.

  • In addition to all these public events, the city’s historical hotels are not empty, and are similar to the magnificent masquerades of centuries ago.

    In other words, even in Venice, the carnival period is not empty, and the color and music are not missing from anywhere you look.

    Therefore, the next day of the carnival to continue with all of your energy to rest in a comfortable, comfortable hotel must stay.

    One of the most classic hotels in the city, on the corner of Giudecca Island, overlooking the unique view of St. Mark’s Square. Hotel CiprianiLocated in one of the 16th-century palazzo on the Grand Canal Aman Canal Grande Venicethe moment you enter through the gate, you will feel that you are being irradiated into the 16th century The Giritti Palace and again, in a glamorous decoration in a historic palazzo Ca HotelSagredo HotelOne of the most privileged hotels in Venice.

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