Life in Fairy Chimneys from the centuries-old rock-carved traditional houses

Life in Fairy Chimneys from the centuries-old rock-carved traditional houses

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The culture of living in houses inside of the rock carved rooms continues in the town of Nar, which was built between the fairy chimneys and which is intertwined with the natural formations of the earth hundreds of years ago in Nevşehir.

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    Nevsehir hosts the past several civilizations, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods Naryn town where life continued, Turkey Statistics Institution lives of 4 thousand 261 people, according to data of the end of 2017.

  • Some of the houses built in the town many years ago with fairy chimneys and passing through grandfather’s grandchildren are now connected to the rock carved rooms.

    In the summer, the coolness of the winter months in the rock carved rooms that keep the heat at the beginning of the stove with the family members who plunged into a chat with a tradition that represents hundreds of years.



    Hüseyin Kurnaz (40), one of the inhabitants of the town, said that it is one of the oldest settlements in the region.

    Kurnaz said that he enjoyed living in the town which has an appearance with its natural rock formations and that living in the fairy chimneys visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists is a source of peace for him.

  • Kurnaz, said:

    “The town of Nar is one of the oldest settlements in the region together with Nevşehir. We live a life in the natural atmosphere of these houses. It is a pleasure, we live in a warm environment in the rocks in the winter, in the coolness of rocks in the summer. We can’t find this peace when we are there. They have a very different beauty. Tourists from all over the world come to see the rock formations in our region, but we live in these rocks in a natural and peaceful environment. et


    Ayhan Yaman (51), who lives in one of the rock-carved houses on the town, told that his children grew up in a house where his grandfather’s childhood passed, and that this was an invaluable feeling.

  • Yaman said, “Because of the soundness of the rock houses passed from generation to generation,” Carved houses of the rock is natural, even the walls breathe. My grandparents lived here, I grew up and grew up there. We live here to enjoy life, “he said.

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    Tunar Caliskan (38) also lived in the town for many years after the town due to work had to move to an apartment in the city center, Nar’a every weekend to visit his friends in the rock carved houses, said he liked to spend his remaining time here from work.

  • Caliskan, “Our town is close to the center of the city but when you think of the natural environment is far from the city. This is a town that has hosted many civilizations in a town we live in the traces of civilizations are living together. He was used.


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