Tips for direct flights to sunny destinations

Tips for direct flights to sunny destinations

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Every holidaymaker wishes to have a chance about the weather conditions. It can be described as follows: a few days rest leave at 25 degrees, sun and zero rain, cheap and easy to reach. Canaries, Turkey, Cyprus so? Statistically, this is unfortunately winter rainfall. Cuba, Chile, Thailand? Sunny, but too far away.

While it snows or slips on average in Germany in the winter for 27 days, there are holiday regions where virtually no rain drops – and which are acceptable four to six flying hours away. The language travel provider LAL has just evaluated on which of these holiday destinations it rains least frequently between January and March and which offer the highest sunshine duration per day.

350 sunny days on the Cape Verde

In first place the Cape Verde: zero precipitation. The unbeatable argument for this group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean near the African coast: 350 sunny days a year. In the winter months there is fantastic weather with 27 degrees.

The most popular are the islands of Boa Vista and Sal with their wide sandy beaches. TUIfly flies to both destinations, namely Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne / Bonn, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, with Tap Air Portugal from Frankfurt.

There is hardly any rain in the Israeli Eilat

Second place: Eilat on the Red Sea, Israel’s southernmost city. Here it rains only three days a year. Sunny 25 degrees in winter, water temperature at 21 degrees – and only four and a half flight hours away from Europe. Eilat offers twelve kilometers of coastline, between Egypt on one side and Jordan on the other side.

Since the end of October, Lufthansa has been flying non-stop from Frankfurt and Munich several times a week to Eilat, Ryanair from Berlin-Schönefeld, Frankfurt / Hahn and Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden. Israeli El Al flies 27 times a week to Tel Aviv this winter and from there to Eilat.

The airport is still 60 kilometers from the seaside resort, and from March 2019 the new International Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport will be approached, only 18 kilometers north of Eilat. Israel then plans to become a big winter sun target for Europeans.

Heated pools in Morocco

Third place: the trend destination Morocco, a good five hours flight away. Here it rains in winter at most four days at 18 to 22 degrees air temperature. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean is at 16 degrees water temperature for the sensitive, here is preferred in heated pools planked

Many airlines have increased their flights: both in coastal towns such as Agadir and Essaouira and inland. Ryanair now flies from the Netherlands’ Weeze airport to Agadir, Marrakech, Essaouira, Fez and from Nuremberg, Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden and Berlin-Schönefeld to Marrakech.

Germania operates from Nuremberg and Münster / Osnabrück the connection to Agadir; Easyjet and Laudamotion fly from several airports to Marrakech. Also Condor starts from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig / Halle, Munich and – brand new – also from Hamburg to Agadir.

More flights to Hurghada in Egypt

In fourth place: the Red Sea classic Hurghada in Egypt, just under five hours flight away. Despite partial travel warning of the Foreign Office, he is well booked. Many airlines fly it again more frequently: Condor about six German cities, Germania of ten German airports and TUI fly even of 14 airports.

Many Germans prefer to spend Christmas far away. Especially Christmas muffle it pulls it into the sun. Some hotels even declare themselves to the Christmas-free zone.

Source: WORLD / Peter Haentjes

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