Top Beaches at Black Sea Region in Kocaeli

Top Beaches at Black Sea Region in Kocaeli

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It is a charming Black Sea village, which is 10 km away from Kandira and 50 km away from Izmit. Not affected by the whirlwinds of the Black Sea, Kerpe has a natural reserve, a shallow sea up to 150 m, and unique sandy beaches. With a rich variety of fish, immaculate pine trees, unspoiled natural beaches, Kerpe is a passion for the family. The sea is so thick that it does not pass in some places even 150 meters ahead. The unknown Kerpe was a place where the people who knew it kept them jealously. Today, the demand for Kerpe has increased considerably.


The most advanced of the coastal settlements connected to Kandira is Kefken, 20 km away from the district center. Kefan, an indispensable place like Kerpe with its sea, sandy beaches and pine forests, is located at a distance of 1 km from Kovanağzı beach. Kefken Island, one of the rare islands of the Black Sea, is a place rarely seen due to its western façade, a shallow and clean sea like it is designed for children, a stone-free, fine sandy beach and clean fresh air from the green forest behind it. It is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to make a peaceful holiday by swimming in a clean sea without being affected by foreign tourists and touristic prices and sunbathing in healing sand from the Mediterranean sea’s high sea of ​​salt, the scorching heat of summer months, long journeys. The unique beauty of Pink Rocks in Kerpe is an important reason for many people to come here. There are also interesting caves in the Kerpe Rocks. Especially the gaps under the rocks are ideal for diving sports enthusiasts.


Cebeci, 27 km from Kandira, is an ideal holiday paradise with its pristine sea, sandy beaches and pine forests. Particularly economically favorable conditions have made Cebeci a place where crowded families will not give up. The seaside season starts in the middle of June and continues until the end of August as the Cebeci is also in other Kandira’s. Cebeci beaches have a nice feel to the “Group Time” vacationers who are made up of thin, untouched sandy beaches and the unique colors of the sun at sunset to embrace the sea.



Located within the borders of Babaköy, which is 8 kilometers away from the center of Kandira, Sarısu is a veritable green area with carp, fresh water, mullet and various freshwater fishes that can be hunted. Sarısu Stream, 1 km long beach, parallel flows to the sea at the end of the beach. Boats or boats are used to pass this stream covered with reeds to reach the sandy beach. Boats that can carry 8-10 people reach those who want to go to the beach, where they want to do adventure movie scenes among the reeds.Sarisu740

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