Top Summer Destinations Buenos Aires Atlantic Coast: 700 km of beaches for all tastes

Top Summer Destinations Buenos Aires Atlantic Coast: 700 km of beaches for all tastes

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The Atlantic Coast is prepared for the summer 2019. Top Summer Destinations Buenos Aires Atlantic Coast: 700 km of beaches for all tastes. Information about Information about Budgets and Prices.

Here, a selection of ten destinations in the province of Buenos Aires, suggestion of circuits and main attractions and one of the fundamental factors to decide: the prices of rents.

Recreation at all times and rest supported by restaurants and lodges for all tastes and pockets along 47 kilometers of coastline. The beach days can be complemented with an excursion to Laguna and Sierra de los Padres, a walk through the historic mansions of Los Troncos, rural tourism in Batán and Chapadmalal and a walk through the port completed with a navigation on the Anamora cruise.


How much? According to data from Martilleros School of Mar del Plata, the increase in the rents of the season are around 25 percent over last summer. Miguel Ángel Donsini, president of the institution and director of Donsini Properties, said that the average rental price of a department of an environment near the sea – from La Perla to Punta Mogotes – for three people amounts to $ 13,500 the first half of January ; of two rooms for 4 to 5 people costs $ 17,500 and a three rooms with capacity for six people is quoted at $ 21,000; for a three-room villa you have to calculate from $ 25,000 and in private neighborhoods, Playa Grande and Stella Maris are paid up to $ 100,000 for the fortnight. Prices fall from 10 to 15 percent in the second half of January and around 20 percent in February.

Reports. (0223) 494-4140 / 495-1777. /

Mar del Plata photo: Fabiian Gastiarena

A complete menu of services -restaurants, bars, cultural proposals, hotels, cabins, rental houses and walks- accompanies the beach corridor in the main town, from Pinar del Norte to Paseo 150. Quieter and more rugged are the beaches of Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul and Las Gaviotas. The 4×4 excursion to the Querandí lighthouse is a must.

Querandí Lighthouse, near Villa Gesell (photo by Emiliana Miguelez).

2. Villa Gesell

How much. “In the first half of January, a three-room apartment, with laundry and kitchen, near the beach, costs $ 22,000; further away – about six blocks from the coast – you get $ 14,000. It’s a bit more expensive in the second half of January and the first two weeks of February: $ 24,000 to $ 16,000 a fortnight, “explains Marcelo Maciel, from Maciel Propiedades. The variation in the prices according to the location is similar for the villas with 4 bedrooms. At the corner of Paseo 113 and the coastal street, it is priced at $ 40,000 during the first half of January and at $ 45,000 during the second half of the same month and the first two weeks of February. Six blocks away, prices drop to $ 25,000 and $ 28,000.

At the end of January they pay between 20 and 25% less. For Mar de las Pampas, Marcela De Ovando -of De Ovando Real Estate Consultant- calculates in $ 82,000 the rent of a house of category, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, 100 meters from the beach, during the first fortnight of January; in the second half, $ 87,000; in February, $ 76,000 and $ 65,000. At 1 km from the coast, the price per fortnight in January of a house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms for 5 people fluctuates between $ 38,000 and $ 41,000; in February, $ 36,000 the first fortnight and $ 30,000 after. An apart for 4 facing the sea rents from $ 6,000 a night in January and from $ 5,000 in February.

Reports. (02255) 45-3829 / 7255 / 47-8042. /

3. Pinamar


The magnificent conjunction of beaches and forests of the Pinamar party -extended between the head town and Cariló, the most expensive and exclusive area- they maintain their traditional atmosphere, familiar and very quiet. In summer there is an abundant offer of horseback riding, rental of ATVs, 4×4 excursions, surf lessons, golf, tennis and polo. In Ostend It is interesting to trace the history of the creation of the spa, attributed to two Belgian pioneers. From that foundational period, the Old Hotel Ostende is still standing. In addition, on the beach of Ostende the chalet La Elenita rises, which belonged to the former president of the Nation Arturo Frondizi.

Pinamar (photo by Andrés D’Elía).

How much. From the Real Estate Study Damiani -of the president of the Center of Auctioneers and Brokers of Pinamar, Mariano Damiani- estimated at $ 30,000 the rental price for the first half of January of a duplex for 4 people, about seven blocks from the beach, in Pinamar or Ostend; in the second half it increases to $ 34,000 and in February it goes down to $ 25,000 in the first half and $ 20,000 later. A house with three bedrooms averages $ 80,000 in the middle of January. An apartment with garage near the sea, $ 35,000 to $ 40,000 a fortnight. In February you can expect to pay between 60 and 70% less.

Reports. (02254) 49-1680 / 1. /

4. Coast Party

Santa Teresita (photo by Andres D’Elía).

Twelve spas along 100 km, from San Clemente del Tuyú to Nueva Atlantis. The nightlife for young people is lit in Santa Teresita, San Bernardo, Mar del Tuyú and Mar de Ajó, in contrast to the serene and familiar atmosphere that prevails in Costa Azul, Aguas Verdes and Las Toninas. In San Clemente, guided tours of the Punta Rasa nature reserve are organized. Other options include eating fish in the port and visiting Termas Marinas and Mundo Marino. Las Toninas attracts adults and children with its Labyrinth, steps from the sea.

How much. In January, a central apartment in Santa Teresita for 4 people, with cable TV, a bedroom, wi-fi, kitchen and dining room will cost from $ 12,000 the first fortnight of January and the second half of February and from $ 14,500 the fortnight between mid-January and mid-February, according to the data handled by Leo Pino, from Pino Propiedades. For Las Toninas you have to calculate 10% less. For example, while a duplex for six people, with garage, patio, barbeque, two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Santa Teresita will cost from $ 18,000 to $ 25,000 a fortnight, in Las Toninas the price will range between $ 10,000 and $ 13,000. A category house for 6 people in Costa del Este or on the Paseo del Bosque de Santa Teresita costs from $ 30,000 per week.

Reports. (02246) 43-3096 / 35. /

5. Mar Chiquita

Albufera, uncrowded beaches, agricultural areas and the attractive combination of sand and forest in Mar Chiquita, Santa Clara del Mar, Mar de Cobo, Camet Norte and Playa Dorada. However, the great novelty of the season in the Mar Chiquita match is the development reached by La Caleta. Everything looks new in this fashionable place among the young public, which offers 1 km of virgin beach, fishing and kitesurfing at the height of km 488 of route 11 and 29 km from Mar del Plata.

Fishing from the coast in Mar Chiquita.

How much. The most accessible rental prices, says Domingo Palumbo, of Palumbo Propiedades, are obtained in the spas Santa Elena and Playa Dorada, while the highest prices are registered in the town of the party head of Mar Chiquita. For a duplex for four people with DirecTV, garage, grill and microwave oven, about four or five blocks from the sea, they ask for $ 2,500 per day for January, $ 15,000 to $ 18,000 per week and between 25,000 and $ 28,000 per fortnight. A two- or three-bedroom villa for 6 to 7 people costs $ 21,000 a week or $ 35,000 a fortnight in January. A house for 5 people facing the beach in Mar Chiquita is quoted from $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 the fortnight. It is cheaper to rent in the second half of February: around 25% less.

Reports. (0223) 460-2433. /

6. Miramar


The municipal authorities of General Alvarado trust a summer in Miramar and Mar del Sud more successful than the previous one, when hotel occupancy reached 76%. The pedestrian 9 de Julio was recovered and there will be a new sports beach. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy the 6th competition of the Bowl in Conection, street shows, MiramArt, Nicanor Otamendi Potato Festival, Miramar Encantada and the 4th International Art Biennial.

Miramar, in the General Alvarado match.


7. Necochea

How much. Cristian Maggio, of the Isaia real estate agency, calculates at $ 8,000 a week the rent of a downtown apartment, with an environment and capacity for 4 people, one block from the sea and the pedestrian street and $ 12,000 if the location is opposite sea; two rooms for 5 people, $ 13,000 to $ 16,000; three rooms for 6 to 10 people, $ 18,500 to $ 25,000; to get a villa with barbecue, grill, games room and garage in the center you have to calculate from $ 22,000 per week; in front of the beach, $ 32,000.

Panoramic of Miramar.

A covered garage safely costs $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 per week. Mar del Sud rental houses are quoted at 5 to 10% less than in Miramar. From the first to the second half of February, rates fall from 8 to 15 percent compared to January.

Reports. (02291) 42-0190. /

Run with the advantage of having very spacious beaches in the downtown area, an attraction that extends to Quequén -on the opposite bank of the Quequén River- and the Los Ángeles spa, on the way to the white dunes of Medano Blanco.

4×4 excursion from Necochea to the Medano Blanco dune desert.

Necochea also has a thermal complex in the rural area and an entertaining tour along the course of the Quequén River, from the mouth in the sea to an area of ​​waterfalls. It is also convenient to take into account the possibilities of recreation and rest offered by the Lillo Park, very good grills and fish and seafood restaurants in the port and in the New Center and the dunes and quiet beaches of Bahía de los Vientos and Costa Bonita.

How much. For a monoambiente apartment for 4 people facing the sea it costs $ 1,500 per day in January and $ 1,300 in February. In contrast to other seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires, “the strongest thing in Necochea is the first half of January,” says María Luján Presa, of the Diagonal real estate agency. A six-person apartment, located about 15 blocks from the beach, rents for $ 1,800 a day in January and $ 1,500 in February. A house for 6 to 10 people, starting at $ 2,500 per day; in the Lillo Park area it can cost around $ 4,000.

Reports. (02262) 43-1153 / 42-5665. /

8. Claromecó

The natural landscape of Claromecó – the main resort of Tres Arroyos– combines the forest of the Dunícola Nursery with lagoons, marshes, dunes and streams-, ideal to travel in 4×4, quads or through a guided cavalcade.

Night view of the Claromecó lighthouse, built in 1922.

That picture is seen even less altered on the beaches of Reta and Orense, Bastions of the fishing embarked or from the coast. The season already begins to take shape on November 18, when Reta holds the 7th largest Corvina Fishing Contest. With free admission, in Reta you can visit the Yerba Mate Museum and the Fototeca. The rural circuit includes the San Joaquín ranch and the Copetonas towns -where the Regional Museum operates-, Cascallares and San Francisco de Belloq.

How much. Eduardo Oscar, from the real estate agency Klaromeko, affirms without hesitation: “summer rental rates are very similar in Claromecó, Reta and Orense. For example, a house, apartment or cabin for 4 to 6 people with two rooms, DirecTV, refrigerator with freezer, microwave, grill and garage costs from $ 1,800 to $ 2,100 per day. Facing the sea they average between $ 3,000 and $ 3,500, although houses for 4 to 6 people are also offered for $ 4,600 a day. In the second half of February, prices fall up to 35%.

Reports. (02983) 43-9247, internal 271. /

9.Monte Hermoso


Three discs, bars and restaurants give an account of the intense nocturnal activity that follows the long days of beach suggested by the dazzling coastal front of Monte Hermoso and the wild resort Sauce Grande, 7 km from the main town. The pejerrey fishing, photographic safaris and bird observations have their indicated place around the Sauce Grande lagoon, where tourists have a confectionery, a restaurant, sale of bait, boats and boats to rent, grills and games for children.

Aerial view of the coastal coastline of Monte Hermoso.

Another great attraction near Monte Hermoso (3 km) is the Lighthouse Recalada, a metal tower 67 m high inaugurated in 1906. The viewpoint at the top offers an unbeatable panoramic view of the spa, the endless strip of beaches and the sea. The visit to Monte Hermoso should also not overlook the Astronomical Observatory, the artisan fair of Natural Sciences, History and Naval.

How much. For an apartment or a house on the waterfront for 5 people, with two bedrooms, garage, barbeque and cable TV or DirecTV, $ 3,800 per day in January is requested; Far from the coastline (about 400 meters away) they charge $ 3,100. “February prices are between 15 and 30% cheaper,” says Ricardo Semillán, Semillán real estate.

Reports. (02921) 481-123 / 047. /

10. Pehuén Có

A Paved detour of 38 kilometers that follows from Route 3 leads to the tree-lined streets of Pehuén Có. The magnificent natural spectacle (very quiet beaches, wetlands, forests and a wide variety of shorebirds and marine mammals) of the main spa of the party of Coronel Rosales is replicated in Punta Alta and Villa del Mar, on the road to Bahía Blanca.

Pehuén Có, halfway from Monte Hermoso to Bahía Blanca.

The Provincial Reserve Pehuén Có protects the sites visited by the biologist and explorer Charles Darwin in the nineteenth century, the fragile coastal ecosystem and outcroppings of clay rocks with traces of animals extinct 12 thousand years ago and human footprints whose age is estimated at 7 thousand years. Between the tree-lined, diagonal and curving streets of the small urban area of ​​Pehuén Có, the Barco y Molino houses attract a chapel and the Ameghino Paleontological Interpretation Hall.

How much. From the real estate FDF, Fernando Fernandez says that the rental prices for next summer increased by 30% compared to early 2018. In January or during the first half of February, a duplex for 4 people with a pool will cost $ 3,000 for day. The rate of a house for 6 people with two bedrooms, garage, barbeque and cable TV or DirecTV, two blocks from the sea, amounts to $ 21,000 per week.

Reports. (02921) 49-7178. /

Other safety pins

Rest and recreation on rugged beaches

The beach resort of Arenas Verdes, in the match of Lobería, on the road from Miramar to Necochea.

For those who prefer to enjoy the summer on a wild beach, away from the noise and crowds, on the road from Miramar to Necochea, the game of Lobería has a spa Green Sands, famous for its ideal waves for surfing. In the middle of a forest, there are huts, campsites, supplies and simple eaters of homemade dishes. More information, (02261) 442-559 / turismo @ / www.turismo Near Claromecó and 23 km from Oriente, in the party of Coronel Dorrego, Marisol Surprises with wide sandy beaches, kayak trips, abseiling, zip line, mountain bike, trekking and horseback riding next to the waterfalls of the Quequén Salado River, fishing in lagoons, in the river and in the sea, cabins, rural tourism and guided tours through the beach, forests and dunes. Other information, (02921) 405-885 / (02983) 495-927 / turismo /

Adventure activities in the highest waterfalls of the province of Buenos Aires, on the Quequén Salado River, near the Marisol spa.

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