Tourism: Italy is booming as a wedding land

Tourism: Italy is booming as a wedding land

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Italy is booming as a wedding land


A bride and groom are photographed in front of the Coliseum in Rome.



A bride and groom are photographed in front of the Coliseum in Rome.

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Marrying like the Schweinsteiger’s and the Clooney’s: In order for the romantic backdrop to be right when you say yes, couples fly halfway around the world.



Romance has a home, a genius loci. Nowhere does it hover more beautifully than over the gentle, soft hills of Tuscany. Ideally, romance smells of cypress. There are some cicadas chirping somewhere, but not too many. Italy is the most popular wedding country in the world, and Tuscany is the preferred choice of Italian regions, at least for foreign couples who can afford to get married far away from home. It costs a small thing, if you still want to have all the friends with you. The presence of some relatives in turn, and this is a great side effect, prevents you from the rigors of the journey. After all, it’s supposed to be the best day in your life.


8000 foreign couples

8000 foreign couples count Italy every year, writes the newspaper. That’s more than 150 every weekend. The strongest represented are the British, then come the Americans, the Australians, who after all fly halfway around the world, and the Germans. He calls this a “Fabbrica dei matrimoni”, a wedding factory. Does not sound so romantic. But in times of dying industries and crazy budgets, every new factory with full order books is a nice thing. The wedding tourism Italy invests almost half a billion euros every year, with an upward trend.

A full third of couples seal their love in Tuscany, especially in Siena and the surrounding area, with Brunello and Vernaccia. Followed by the Veneto, where, of course, Venice and Romeo & Juliet’s Verona are particularly popular. Then come Lombardy, Campania with Capri and Amalfi, and only on the fifth place Lazio with Rome, where the favorite places for wedding photos small-scale entwine around the Colosseum. Another number: For each party, the Italian wedding factory expects an average of 55,000 euros. Then there is everything in it, the accommodation, the food, the photographer, the rent of sumptuous palazzi and the lending of medieval costumes, because yes, also the tendency to disguise grows.


George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin and Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanović

For a long time it would be possible to debate how strongly this phenomenon is related to the new, almost irrepressible tendency of people to put themselves in the limelight as glamourously as possible in every situation in life. Like the stars. Such as the couples George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin and Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanović, who both married in Venice and thus filled the colorful booklets. Or maybe it’s just that the human mind lifts, if the frame is right, the cypresses smell, the cicadas chirp – the whole choreography of happiness.

For many Chinese, however, all the romance squats in Sirmione in northern Italy, a small town on Lake Garda with a peninsula, thermal baths, an imposing castle and the famous caves of Catullus. A few years ago, Chinese television shot a reality show in Sirmione, with top models. The broadcast had a hundred million viewers. Since then, many Chinese people want to marry in Sirmione, most of all, of course, in the castle.

“Somewhere is the end”

Almost 1.5 kilometers long, at least € 537 million expensive, green on the surface, many imponderables: The construction department presents the citizens planning the preliminary planning for the tunnel on Landshuter Allee

By Sonja Niesmann, Neuhausen

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