Town at the end of the world : Sabetta

Town at the end of the world : Sabetta

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The town of Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula in the Arctic Circle of Russia resembles a different world with its harsh climate and geographical conditions.

The town, located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug district, is home to Russia’s most important natural gas deposits and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing center, attracting the attention of tourists.

End of the world: Sabetta

Due to the fact that it is one of the northernmost places in the world, the name Sabetta means den the end of the world mi in the native language of Nenetler who live in the region.

Sabetta settlement, where only 19 people lived in the 2000s, has become a town that now houses over 30,000 people with the establishment of natural gas processing facilities in the region.

Built for special conditions in a special region, the town’s population consists of workers working in natural gas facilities and people serving the region.

In the summer, when the sun has never set, in the winter there is no darkness in the region.

In the winter months, the harbor on the icy sea, where only vessels carrying snow and LNG berths are visible from the town.

People and animals living together

From time to time in the town where polar bears and white foxes are seen, the people feed on these animals that are accustomed to them and do not harm them.

Due to the hard work of natural gas facilities, the town’s population is predominantly male.

Sabetta people who drive at a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour can not smoke in the office, at home, on the street, outside the designated private huts.

Sabetta’s communication with the world is provided via the International Sabetta Airport, which is established in the region. The airport is also able to provide service to the size of a strategic transport plane of the Russian Province-76.

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Sabetta, located in the northeast of the Yamal peninsula, is one of the leading projects in Russia in recent years with its 16.5 million tons LNG production capacity.

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