Trips to Brazil and yellow fever, what you need to know

Trips to Brazil and yellow fever, what you need to know

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With the approach of summer and despite the devaluation of the peso, beaches of Brazil They are still a temptation for Argentines. According to Embratur, the tourism entity of Brazil, between December 2017 and the end of February 2018, 1,345,150 Argentines traveled. The most visited destinations: Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Bombinhas, Buzios and Foz de Iguazú.

However, not only the economic problems in Argentina overshadow the Brazilian summer: the yellow fever that, during the last season, caused long lines in the vaccinations among those who already had their planned holidays.


What is it. Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted through the sting of certain mosquito species. It can be serious and cause death.

How to prevent. Given the there is no specific treatment for this disease, the best way to avoid it is to vaccination and avoid the sting. Given the possibility of a trip, it is always convenient seek medical advice.

“Currently the vaccine against yellow fever is recommended for those traveling to all of Brazil except some states of the Northeast such as Natal, Recife, Fortaleza, which have no circulation of the virus,” explains Lilián Testón, coordinator of the Department of Epidemiology at FUNCEI.


Of course, also use repellent and light clothing with arms and legs covered. “These measures prevent other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as dengue, Zika and Chikungunya,” adds Testón.

For those who stop at a state of risk – passengers in transit who remain on the plane or at the airport – “vaccination is not necessary,” says the specialist.

Contraindications The vaccine is contraindicated for children under 6 months, pregnant women and lactating women, older than 60 years, people with egg allergy, gelatin or chicken proteins and those who have alterations of the immune system (such as transplanted or with HIV, between others). If, for example, a person over 60 years of age wants to be vaccinated because they are going to travel, they should consult the doctor and have a medical order stating that they can receive the vaccine.

To get vaccinated in Border Health you have to take a turn online.

When and where to apply the vaccine. The vaccine must Apply at least 10 days before traveling. Is free. In the City of Buenos Aires, it is applied in Muñiz Hospital and other public hospitals in the city with a telephone call at 4123-3257 and in Sanidad de Fronteras (Pedro de Mendoza and Blanes): shifts and consultations at www.argentina.gob. ar / vaccinate-against-the-yellow fever.

“In case of not getting a shift, you should take the ticket that proves the date of the trip to the vaccination center,” says Testón.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation has a telephone consultation line: 0800-222-0651.

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