Turkey has called for Canadian tourism magazine

Turkey has called for Canadian tourism magazine

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The last issue of the magazine, “Turkish tourism is rising,” headline headline in the news, the recent developments in the country’s economy, tour operators and tourists increased the interest was emphasized.

Foreign tourists, the news taken care of they returned to Turkey with an increasing number, “As the economy in a recession, although possible, show the examples of the past, the number of tourists who want to benefit from cheaper prices in times of heightened economic problems are increasing.” comment was made.

The increasing number of Canadians going to Turkey

The report, the number of tourists to Turkey on July 2018 figures, 2017’n increased by 11.74 percent compared to the same period was recorded as 21 million 639 thousand 802 reached.

This figure, in the news in January-July 2018 period, traveling to Turkey 59 thousand 893 Canadians also be included, “This figure constitutes an increase 33,78’lik percent compared to the same period of 2017’n. Increasing these numbers and ratios, tourists The sharpest contrast to 2017 is a failed coup attempt and a number of terrorist acts, leading to a 23 percent decline. ” statements were given.

“Turkey has a unique tourism product”

World Tourism Organization Market Trends and Competitiveness Department Chairman Sandra Carvao’s share of Turkish tourism, sharing the magazine, the Russian market re-withdrawal, promotional activities and new infrastructure investments contributed to this growth was touched on.

Carvao, Travelweek “Turkey, culture, history, cities, spanning a wide range of sun and the sea, with unique tourism products and continuously as a country that continues to diversify its tourism opportunities that it provides.” made the description.

“Turkey is a safe country”

Turkey’s Ambassador to Ottawa in Selcuk Unal said in a statement on the issue Travelweek, with momentum gained in tourism and it looks beyond 2017 2018 drew attention to the positive.

Ambassador Unal, travel agencies, Turkey is a safe country and there is no experience of any major terrorist attacks against civilians in the last two years.

Currency prices in all tourist centers of changes in foreign exchange rates compared to the previous year has brought it more suitable Unal, “Turkey is ready to welcome more Canadians. Going deep into the history of cities, Turkey with its sandy beaches and natural beauty offering unique vacation opportunities to all visitors.” found in the description.

– Bookings increased by 214 percent

opinion to place the tour operator in the Journal’s news Intrepid Travel’s said that the North American Sales and Customer Experience Manager Megan Bailey if compared with 2017 in terms of global reservations lived an amazing increase of 214 percent in 2018 and Turkey’s fastest growing destinations.

Bailey said, “This impressive growth. Our current bookings indicate that it will continue to go up in the rapidly 2019 the trend travel to Turkey. So our 2019 bookings in the frame according to growth in 2018, we foresee an increase of nearly 300.” made his assessment.

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