Turkey targets of 1 million Indian tourists in 2020

Turkey targets of 1 million Indian tourists in 2020

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Speaking at “B2B Luxury MICE Workshop” organized by Workshop Travelshop Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSABChairman of the Board of Directors Contact Firuz directlyAverage between 1.5 and said it made $ 5 million in expenditures made Indian wedding in Turkey.

Bağlıka to combine travel with wedding noting that Turkey provides a significant amount of foreign contribution to the economies of these organizations reported that 9 months of the year 84 percent increase in the number of tourists from India occurred.

She has worked with a total of 200 tour operators from different countries, mainly India Bağlıka said, “These operators, the agencies leading to their country of considerable potential event and wedding in other countries. Here we welcome our guests. Turkey that was held this event for the show can offer what the market” he said.

Bağlıka to, of tomorrow from tour operators importing they will travel to Turkey in different places, “to Cappadocia, Antalya, Bodrum, if Dardanelles and Central Black Sea, the group will be traveling. This effectively for our next season country with Dola we can bring much more to Turkey said among professionals We have about 50 countries in the event, but mainly in India.


workshops and Travelshop Travelshop Turkey said it also met Director General Murtaza Calender of more than 200 tour operators from over 50 countries with activities.

Kalender said that the annual turnover of the incoming tour operators is more than 100 million dollars.

“These operators human more than 100 million is sending abroad. 60 percent of the wedding planner. She is currently the wedding, there’s the company that wants to see the hotels. Turkey of India and the Asian markets are seeing very attractive. Because everything they are looking for in Turkey . Nature, culture, many things can not be found abroad as tourists history they find in Turkey. we have visa troubles with India. we performed a Chinese e-visa if we apply to India can bring 1 million Indians to Turkey in 2020. year 20 wedding is not a dream ”

Tour operators, through cooperation with companies that told of plans to develop market share in Turkey Kalender, has claimed responsibility for the operators already in the wedding business, the location for this and noted that the hotel caller.

Kalender, from the Balkan charter flights that also attends the event with the intention of starting, transferring that they have partners seeking to do this job in Turkey, “which is one of India’s largest 5 tour operators and culture, group and known for its MICE organizations Yatra and Mercury’s top our activity in presence of executives, agencies have targets in Turkey’s market expansion, “he said.

B2B Luxury MICE Workshop event, more than 70 tourism companies from Turkey and calender stating that showed the participation of civil society organizations and official institutions, targets until 2023 was to make 4 events in Turkey, stressed that they want to contribute to the promotion of the 81 provinces.

Murtaza Kalender, “We aim to ensure the diversity of the tourism categories in our country, to bring the existing categories to better conditions and to leave 60 million tourists at least 70 billion dollars. should be facilitated, “he said.
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